Sarah B. Hood


Sarah B. Hood is a freelance writer and the author of We Sure Can!: How Jams and Pickles Are Reviving the Lure and Lore of Local Food.

Sarah B. Hood's articles

Published On: Sep 07,2018
In the northern Ontario town, the dumplings are everywhere — and they come in every variety you could imagine.
Published On: Aug 03,2018
Webers has been serving hungry Highway 11 travellers for 55 years — and has managed to survive its own success.
Published On: Jun 20,2018
For 133 years — and despite two fires — Pine River Cheese has been delighting fromage fanciers by the shores of Lake Huron.
Published On: Apr 17,2018
How an entrepreneur revived the Pop Shoppe — and turned it into one of the country’s best-loved retro brands.
Published On: Jan 29,2018
This restaurant in eastern Ontario may not look special, but its pies draw patrons from all over the province and even across the border.
Published On: Dec 14,2017
In the small town of Bala, cranberries are a way of life.
Published On: Nov 16,2017
 At Tait’s, you can find petits fours, Vienna bread — and maybe even a ghost.
Published On: Oct 19,2017
Why people come from miles around to sample these mysterious barrel-aged cucumbers.
Published On: Sep 21,2017
 At the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, apple fritters are a tourist attraction all their own.
Published On: Aug 31,2017
At the ice cream parlour off Highway 6, things haven’t changed much over the years — and that’s just how the locals like it.
Published On: Aug 24,2017
How one Ontarian went from peanut hawker to amusement-park owner — and created some much-beloved treats along the way.
Published On: Aug 17,2017
Greece can keep its Parthenon. Ontario’s got hot, nutmeg-scented doughnuts.
Published On: Aug 10,2017
If canned mushrooms and shredded pepperoni are wrong, Windsorites don’t want to be right.
Published On: Aug 03,2017
What does a highly decorated U.S. Army general have to do with a pastry from northwestern Ontario? A lot, it turns out
Published On: Jul 27,2017
Ontario’s favourite treat has spawned festivals, tours, and competitions — but where did butter tarts really come from? And should they have raisins?  
Published On: Jul 20,2017
When this little piggy went to the St. Lawrence Market, he became a Canadian culinary icon.
Published On: Jul 13,2017
Canada’s iconic (and addictive) fried treat has fittingly multicultural origins.
Published On: Feb 14,2017
Volunteers brave frozen creeks to help bring Atlantic salmon back to Lake Ontario.