Patchen Barss


Journalist and author Patchen Barss has written, edited and produced stories about science, research and culture for more than 20 years.

Patchen Barss' articles

Published On: Sep 04,2019
A new generation of predictive-text engines has the potential to write coherent and compelling stories — and unleash a torrent of fake news.  
Published On: Jan 14,2019
Puzzles. Clues. Secret doors. Can you solve Professor Scott Nicholson’s riddles before the clock runs out?
Published On: Oct 31,2016
This summer Ontario farmers dealt with a severe drought, and more erratic weather is expected as climate change worsens. But for many, it's just another facet of an already erratic life.
Published On: May 30,2016
Modern builders trying to select materials based on what might save their ecological bacon have a tough choice, writes Patchen Barss. 
Published On: May 11,2016
Can researchers at the birthplace of the Yukon Gold potato find the next great potato innovation?