Nate Hendley

Nate Hendley is a Toronto-based journalist and author who has written several books, primarily in the true-crime genre.

Nate Hendley 's articles

Published On: July 07, 2021
In the summer of 1929, police clubbed and bloodied demonstrators at Queen’s Park — and met with a chorus of support from media and politicians.
Published On: April 28, 2021
In an attempt to reduce the number of “uncalled-for homicides” in the early 1900s, the province adopted new — and very racist — regulations.
Published On: September 08, 2020
Sixty-eight years ago, the notorious Boyd Gang broke out of the Don Jail for the second time — and humiliated authorities wanted to find the men fast.
Published On: August 27, 2020
Until 1870, hangings were must-see events — drawing thousands to gallows across the province.
Published On: July 06, 2020
In 1897, Berlin, Ontario — now Kitchener — unveiled a bust of Kaiser Wilhelm I in a downtown park. After the First World War broke out, the statue disappeared, and the city reckoned with its Germanic ties.
Published On: June 27, 2020
1879, Emily Stowe was criminally charged with administering poisons to induce a miscarriage — the courtroom battle that followed was marked by sexism, hypocrisy, and gross incompetence.
Published On: June 08, 2020
On April 5, 1912, Rosenthal was beaten to death with a hammer. Gibson was convicted of the crime, but a large group of Canadians — some from the victim’s own family — started a movement for clemency.