Nam Kiwanuka

Nam Kiwanuka is a multi-platform journalist and the host of The Agenda in the Summer. She has hosted magazine shows for the NBA and CFL and was a MuchMusic VJ. She has worked with CNN and BET and was a columnist for the BBC’s Focus on Africa magazine. 

Nam Kiwanuka's articles

Published On: January 10, 2022
OPINION: Parents are climbing the walls while trying to keep their young children stimulated and COVID-free — and the government still isn’t using every tool in its toolbox.
Published On: September 15, 2021
OPINION: Millions of people from marginalized communities have grievances, too — but their voices are being drowned out by the loudest and angriest among us.
Published On: August 25, 2021
OPINION: My children are under 10. They're not eligible to be vaccinated. I'm worried about their safety — but the government isn't giving parents much information to work with.
Published On: June 04, 2021
OPINION: The premier says he’s doing all he can to protect our children. So where was the school plan for this year — and where’s the plan for September?
Published On: May 07, 2021
OPINION: Chocolate and flowers are no replacement for equal pay and affordable child care.
Published On: February 18, 2021
OPINION: Fifty years ago, Idi Amin staged a coup in Uganda. My family escaped the country — but fear and loss remain constant companions.
Published On: January 05, 2021
OPINION: Most of us spent the holidays hunkered down indoors. Turns out, some politicians felt no such responsibility. What would real accountability look like?
Published On: December 07, 2020
OPINION: COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and terror for families. It’s my kids who keep me focused even when I’m feeling immense despair.
Published On: November 13, 2020
OPINION: As cases rise, the premier is calling out “reckless folks” doing “foolish things.” But the bulk of us are behaving responsibly — it’s the government that must do more
Published On: August 12, 2020
OPINION: Doug Ford says the government’s going to do everything it can to make its back-to-school plan work and “pray to God that everyone’s safe.” Teachers and families need more than that.
Published On: July 28, 2020
OPINION: Two 2020 races demonstrate not only that more women are needed in politics — but also that more Black women are needed in politics and in leadership roles.
Published On: June 02, 2020
OPINION: Over and over, perpetrators are given the benefit of the doubt, and victims have to prove that they didn’t deserve what happened to them. If talking about this makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why.
Published On: May 12, 2020
OPINION: Education and social assistance helped me get out of poverty. Others need help now to get through COVID-19. Stop blaming them for something that’s not their fault. 
Published On: April 29, 2020
OPINION: Homeschooling in a pandemic is a fool’s errand and creates stressed-out parents and kids. Why not focus on getting everything in place for September?
Published On: April 08, 2020
OPINION: Packing up during self-isolation is stressful — but it encourages you to count your blessings.
Published On: March 30, 2020
OPINION: Last month, I was talking to my daughter about the tooth fairy. Now, I’m trying to figure out how what to tell my children about the coronavirus — and why their lives have changed.
Published On: March 23, 2020
OPINION: I’ve never been as scared and worried as I am now. But I’m learning that our children are more resilient than we give them credit for are more resilient than we give them credit for.
Published On: September 25, 2019
OPINION: Writing about race and privilege means thinking carefully about complicated, essential things — and then sharing them with a whole lot of people unwilling to listen.