Nam Kiwanuka


Nam Kiwanuka is a multi-platform journalist and the host of The Agenda in the Summer. She has hosted magazine shows for the NBA and CFL and was a MuchMusic VJ. She has worked with CNN and BET and was a columnist for the BBC’s Focus on Africa magazine. 

Nam Kiwanuka's articles

Published On: Jun 02,2020
OPINION: Over and over, perpetrators are given the benefit of the doubt, and victims have to prove that they didn’t deserve what happened to them. If talking about this makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why.
Published On: May 12,2020
OPINION: Education and social assistance helped me get out of poverty. Others need help now to get through COVID-19. Stop blaming them for something that’s not their fault. 
Published On: Apr 29,2020
OPINION: Homeschooling in a pandemic is a fool’s errand and creates stressed-out parents and kids. Why not focus on getting everything in place for September?
Published On: Apr 08,2020
OPINION: Packing up during self-isolation is stressful — but it encourages you to count your blessings.
Published On: Mar 30,2020
OPINION: Last month, I was talking to my daughter about the tooth fairy. Now, I’m trying to figure out how what to tell my children about the coronavirus — and why their lives have changed.
Published On: Mar 23,2020
OPINION: I’ve never been as scared and worried as I am now. But I’m learning that our children are more resilient than we give them credit for are more resilient than we give them credit for.
Published On: Sep 25,2019
OPINION: Writing about race and privilege means thinking carefully about complicated, essential things — and then sharing them with a whole lot of people unwilling to listen.  
Published On: Jul 23,2019
Journalist Hodan Nalayeh was killed in a terrorist attack in Somalia last week. But the circumstances of her death should not be her legacy.  
Published On: Jul 02,2019
 “The Agenda in the Summer” host Nam Kiwanuka shares her fiction and non-fiction favourites from this season.
Published On: Aug 07,2018
The city is increasingly unaffordable and the child-poverty capital of the country — here’s why it could still be on the verge of greatness.
Published On: Jul 27,2018
OPINION: Nam Kiwanuka on what gets lost when we talk about the so-called migrant crisis.
Published On: Jul 06,2018
The Agenda in the Summer host Nam Kiwanuka reflects on Aida Edemariam’s The Wife's Tale, a biography of the author's grandmother.
Published On: Jul 05,2018
The Agenda in the Summer host Nam Kiwanuka shares her top literary and non-fiction picks.
Published On: Jan 16,2018
OPINION: Donald Trump disparages African nations, but we use their talent and resources every day, writes Nam Kiwanuka.
Published On: Nov 24,2017
In A Better Man, a woman sits down with her abuser years later — but how can you find resolution when your abuser won’t take responsibility?
Published On: Aug 03,2017
Nam Kiwanuka writes about how Black girls and women the world over have had negative experiences with their natural hair.
Published On: Jul 26,2017
Nam Kiwanuka discusses why Mohsin Hamid's novel, 'Exit West,' resonates with her.
Published On: Jul 14,2017
The Agenda in the Summer host chooses books that have left an impression on her this year