Mike Moffatt


Mike Moffatt is an assistant professor with the business economics and public policy group at Western University’s Ivey Business School.

Mike Moffatt's articles

Published On: Jun 04,2018
ANALYSIS: Toronto and Ottawa are outpacing the rest of Ontario when it comes to job growth and economic opportunity. Mike Moffatt looks at how the province can solve this problem.
Published On: Aug 05,2016
While Canada hasn't seen anything close to the political shockwaves rocking Britain and the U.S., Mike Moffatt argues Canadians are reacting in similar ways to forces of inequality and loss of control, but on a smaller scale.
Published On: Jul 12,2016
Brexit raised many legitimate concerns over the effects of free trade on the working class in countries such as Britain and Canada. But economist Mike Moffatt believes policy experts are defining the problem too narrowly, and here's why.