Melissa Alice

Melissa Alice is a Toronto-based impact investor, writer, speaker, and coach.

Melissa Alice's articles

Published On: October 19, 2020
OPINION: The city is known around the world for its diversity, but its Black population remains largely underrepresented in its pool of skilled tech workers. If we’re going to innovate, that needs to change.
Published On: October 05, 2020
OPINION: Toronto’s proposed COVID-19 interim recovery strategy provides an opportunity for the city to confront its NIMBYism — and support its most vulnerable residents.
Published On: September 17, 2020
OPINION: The pandemic has driven some formerly diehard Torontonians to pack up and leave. Is the allure of the Big Smoke disappearing into thin air?
Published On: August 31, 2020
OPINION: Because of the pandemic, many Canadians are experiencing chronic financial stress — and that can have serious, long-lasting psychological consequences.
Published On: July 16, 2020
OPINION: In a workplace historically designed for cis white men, the best solution may be to create our own financial independence.
Published On: July 15, 2020
OPINION: Canadians like to throw stones at our southern neighbour about its messy conflicts of interest involving politics and family — but the WE scandal shows we should be focusing more on our own glass house.