Matt Gurney


Matt Gurney is a Toronto-based freelance journalist.

Matt Gurney's articles

Published On: May 29,2019
ANALYSIS: The city’s population keeps growing, but its transit system hasn’t been able to keep up. What went wrong for the TTC — and can it ever be the better way again.
Published On: May 23,2019
OPINION: Provincial cuts have put the city in a tricky fiscal position — but higher municipal taxes are an option that both the left and the right should support.
Published On: May 15,2019
OPINION: The carmaker will be establishing a parts-manufacturing plant in Oshawa, saving roughly 300 jobs. But it’s still the end of the GM era in the city.
Published On: May 01,2019
OPINION: Instead of blasting Tory health-care cuts as attacks on medicare, let’s judge them on their merits — and stop blindly defending the status quo.
Published On: Apr 24,2019
OPINION: The Progressive Conservatives are cutting funding for public-health agencies. Critics say that will put Toronto’s school-nutrition program at risk — but only city council can do that.
Published On: Apr 11,2019
ANALYSIS: Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals backed down on some planned changes to the province’s autism program. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives just did the same thing. So where do we go from here?
Published On: Apr 10,2019
ANALYSIS: Some sell their homes. Some quit their jobs to provide therapy full-time. For parents of children with autism in this province, arranging for effective treatment can be a huge financial burden.
Published On: Apr 09,2019
ANALYSIS: To understand the political furor over funding for children with autism in this province, you need to know the basics: What is the disorder — and what does effective treatment look like?