Matt Gurney


Matt Gurney writes for the National Post from Toronto.

Matt Gurney's articles

Published On: Dec 04,2019
OPINION: A one-day strike is a shrewd move, but it leaves teachers with only two options — surrender or escalate.
Published On: Nov 27,2019
OPINION: For a government working to rebrand itself as kinder, gentler, and more reasonable, a teachers’ strike represents a very real risk.
Published On: Nov 20,2019
OPINION: During the recent Liberal leadership debate, candidates talked about what went wrong for the party in 2018 — but no one had the real answer
Published On: Nov 07,2019
OPINION: The Tories are reversing a number of previously announced cuts. How much of the next three years will they spend trying to move past the previous 12 months?
Published On: Oct 25,2019
ANALYSIS: speaks with a Liberal organizer about the blackface scandal, the carbon tax, and how Trudeau brought the fight to Ford.
Published On: Oct 24,2019
ANALYSIS: speaks with a party insider about why “NDP curious” voters got spooked at the last minute.
Published On: Oct 23,2019
ANALYSIS: speaks with a senior Tory official about bad data, bad assumptions — and why leader Andrew Scheer should have gone to Pride Conservative leader Andrew Scheer delivers his concession speech in Regina on October 21. 
Published On: Oct 16,2019
OPINION: Justin Trudeau is hoping Ontarians won’t forget about Doug Ford on election day — but the premier’s unpopularity may not be enough to steer voters away from the Tories.
Published On: Oct 03,2019
According to some polls, the Conservatives are gaining momentum provincially and nationally — but the situation remains volatile in the 905.
Published On: Sep 26,2019
OPINION: Teachers’ unions are making their negotiating demands public. But will the public support them?
Published On: Sep 19,2019
ANALYSIS: China has shut the door on our recycling, and the province must scramble to figure out what to do with it — but there are no perfect solutions.
Published On: Sep 18,2019
ANALYSIS: Garbage doesn’t just go straight from the curb to the dump. And recycling doesn’t simply get recycled. Your black bags and blue bins take a longer journey than you may think.
Published On: Sep 17,2019
ANALYSIS: Most people take municipal trash collection for granted. But it’s a complex and critical business — and the health of the planet partly depends on what we put in the ground.
Published On: Sep 04,2019
OPINION: Doug Ford’s government is changing its approach heading into its second year in power. But a fresh start can’t erase bad memories.
Published On: Aug 23,2019
ANALYSIS: The premier has promised to create 15,000 new long-term-care beds to ease the strain on Ontario’s overcrowded hospitals. But it will take more than that to solve our health-care crisis.  
Published On: Aug 22,2019
ANALYSIS: Every day, thousands of Ontarians occupy beds they don’t need because the beds they do need are already occupied by other patients — and the problem is most acute when it comes to long-term care.  
Published On: Aug 21,2019
ANALYSIS: Ontario hospitals don’t have enough beds, and patients often end up on stretchers in hallways — sometimes for days. So who’s to blame?
Published On: Aug 07,2019
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives have passed a bill that would require special constables — at universities, on public transit, and elsewhere — to stop calling themselves police. We look at the debate over Bill 68.