Matt Gurney


Matt Gurney also writes for the National Post from Toronto.

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Published On: Jul 30,2020
OPINION: Major League Baseball came up with a plan (of sorts) to play during the pandemic. It didn’t go well. Now Ontario is headed in the same direction.
Published On: Jul 24,2020 speaks with a caretaker from a GTA public school about staffing issues, what goes into a regular workday — and why, starting in the fall, workdays will be anything but regular.
Published On: Jul 23,2020 speaks with Sam Hammond of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario about what it will take — and cost — to get students and staff back in class.
Published On: Jul 22,2020 speaks with an elementary-school teacher about instructing and comforting students from six feet away — and why they think we’re headed for another shutdown.
Published On: Jul 21,2020 speaks with Zain Chagla, an associate professor at McMaster University, about hygiene, classroom quarantines — and what the science says.
Published On: Jul 08,2020 speaks with Annie Kidder, of People for Education, about why creating a division between “academic” and “applied” was a bad idea — and what needs to replace it.
Published On: Jun 29,2020
OPINION: Any widespread restart of the economy depends on schools reopening. Right now, Ontario doesn’t really have a plan.
Published On: Jun 24,2020 speaks with David Gratzer of CAMH about policing, de-escalation, wellness checks, and how to change the system after decades of neglect.
Published On: Jun 17,2020
OPINION: Ontario didn’t allow social bubbling until June 12. When this is all over, we should figure out what the hold-up was — and learn from our mistakes.
Published On: Jun 06,2020
ANALYSIS: Justice Eileen E. Gillese was tasked with looking into a series of murders, but her inquiry revealed a broken LTC system.
Published On: Jun 05,2020 speaks with Donna Duncan, CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association about stigma, critical staffing shortages — and what LTC should “look like, feel like, and be.”
Published On: Jun 04,2020 speaks with Doris Grinspun, CEO of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, about funding, staffing, COVID-19 — and why she calls the LTC system a “disaster.”
Published On: Jun 03,2020 speaks with Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, about a 2019 report that outlined the violence LTC staff face — and about what needs to be done to keep them safe.
Published On: May 28,2020 speaks with City of Kawartha Lakes mayor Andy Letham about cottagers, public safety — and concerns about “plague-infested zombies” from the GTA.
Published On: May 22,2020 speaks with Geoff Dillon, president of Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers, about regulatory loopholes, making spirits — and how the company became famous for its hand sanitizer.
Published On: May 21,2020
Toronto’s Great Lakes Brewery is one of Ontario’s oldest craft brewers. speaks with communications manager Troy Burtch about disruptions, spiking sales — and keeping the community alive.
Published On: May 20,2020 speaks with Magdalena Kaiser, of the Wine Marketing Association of Ontario, about how the pandemic is affecting production, tourism — and the bottom line.
Published On: May 13,2020
ANALYSIS: This year’s spring bear hunt will be very different under COVID-19. Which could mean more bears — and more human-bear encounters.