Matt Gurney

Matt Gurney also writes for the National Post from Toronto.

Matt Gurney's articles

Published On: June 17, 2021
OPINION: As we get closer to the end of COVID-19, the errors and blunders we spot will matter most for the future.
Published On: June 14, 2021
OPINION: I waited hours this weekend for a shot — and was turned away. Inventory control and simple addition shouldn’t be this hard.
Published On: June 10, 2021
OPINION: A few months ago, we were all scrambling to get our shots. Now we have more than we can use — it’s time to increase capacity.
Published On: June 07, 2021
OPINION: Yes, we need to keep an eye on the variants. But there’s now, finally, some hope that we’ll turn the corner on this dark era — and soon.
Published On: June 02, 2021
OPINION: Some Ontarians are furious that patios will open while schools remain shut. The frustration is understandable — but the argument doesn’t make any sense.
Published On: May 31, 2021
OPINION: Yes, we should open cautiously and prudently. But the news is encouraging — we just need to hang in there a few more weeks.
Published On: May 27, 2021
OPINION: Ontario’s public-health and political leaders have not earned any benefit of the doubt when it comes to risk management.
Published On: May 25, 2021
OPINION: We need to establish a clear plan for when we’ll begin transitioning to second doses, who’ll qualify for them first, and what those people need to do to get the shots.
Published On: May 20, 2021
OPINION: Ontario’s children have suffered during this long, grim pandemic. They’ve earned a break. Let’s give it to them.
Published On: May 17, 2021
OPINION: You may not feel much sympathy for those who want to be on the links or out on the water — but you should be concerned that Ontario’s policies don't make any sense.
Published On: May 13, 2021
OPINION: In summer 2019, the premier, with his office in chaos, went dark. Two years and a pandemic later, he’s making a repeat performance.
Published On: May 10, 2021
OPINION: Park drinking is just one example — almost every major decision we’ve seen in this pandemic has revealed a lack of insight into human nature.
Published On: May 06, 2021
OPINION: Ministers and staff, both current and future, must be shown that needless death and suffering are things they will have to pay a price for.
Published On: May 03, 2021
OPINION: The final report from the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission is an indictment of Ontario’s whole emergency-preparedness effort.
Published On: April 29, 2021
OPINION: In the first wave, the government was blindsided by a broken system and a crisis it didn't understand. Then it made things worse
Published On: April 26, 2021
OPINION: Doug Ford should never have closed outdoor amenities. The least he can do is open them up again.
Published On: April 22, 2021
OPINION: Having delayed taking action for so long, Doug Ford now finds himself with few options to alter the course of this nightmare.
Published On: April 19, 2021
OPINION: The government has been completely overtaken by events and lost control — not only of the crisis, but of itself.