Mary Baxter


Mary Baxter is TVO’s southwestern Ontario Hubs reporter.

Mary Baxter's articles

Published On: Apr 25,2019
An industry many had given up for dead a decade ago is now on the rebound — and that has some experts worried about the implications for public health.
Published On: Mar 22,2019
Science has repeatedly proven the benefits of adding fluoride to tap water. So why is Tecumseh’s town council debating the issue?
Published On: Mar 11,2019 talks to executive director Anthony Wing about customs delays, coordinating performers in two countries, and how music can resolve conflicts.
Published On: Feb 28,2019
Hundreds of Yazidis from Iraq have resettled in southwestern Ontario. Many are dealing with considerable trauma — are local institutions equipped to support them?
Published On: Feb 04,2019
Brian Kelcey, vice-president of public affairs for the Toronto Region Board of Trade, talks to about why large infrastructure projects hit delays and cost overruns — and what we can do to get them back on track.
Published On: Jan 25,2019
When children make statements, testify, or deliver victim-impact statements at the London courthouse, Merel is there to lend a helping paw.
Published On: Jan 03,2019
New Statistics Canada numbers shows a substantial increase in reported hate crimes. We talk to UOIT professor Barbara Perry about right-wing populism, the reliability of data, and how police can do more.
Published On: Dec 10,2018
Vomitoxin is exactly what it sounds like — and it’s turning up in corn throughout southwestern Ontario.
Published On: Nov 26,2018
Bill C-75 could strip law students of opportunities to gain practical experience. It could also deny some Ontarians their best shot at legal representation.
Published On: Nov 08,2018
Thousands of Japanese Canadians were interned in B.C. and sent to do menial jobs in other provinces. Stony Nakano, now 97, looks back at his postwar life in Chatham-Kent.
Published On: Oct 31,2018
Ontario is the world’s largest exporter of American ginseng to China — but disease and trade disputes are putting the lucrative industry at risk.
Published On: Oct 29,2018
Canada may suspend armoured-vehicle exports to Saudi Arabia. That has some in London — where those vehicles are assembled — again wondering how to balance economics and human rights.
Published On: Oct 11,2018
With a Twin Otter and vanilla-scented packets, the province is winning the battle against the disease.
Published On: Oct 04,2018
Remote electronic voting will be the only option in more than 150 municipalities this October — but experts say security and accessibility are still major concerns.
Published On: Oct 01,2018
Scientists are warning that the province may not be able to meet phosphorus-reduction targets for the lake — so what’s putting Ontario behind schedule?
Published On: Sep 06,2018
On October 22, London will become the first city in Ontario to use the ranked-ballot system — whether voters are ready for it or not.
Published On: Aug 07,2018
Problematic home-care experiences are common in Ontario — but clients say they have no effective complaints mechanism to turn to.
Published On: Jul 12,2018
We talk to Dave Beverly-Foster, author of “Walking Home: From the Grand to the Saugeen Watershed,” about the rewards and perils of his 12-day hike.