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Lauren McKeon is the digital editor of The Walrus.

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Published On: Feb 27,2018
 OPINION: There wasn’t as much demeaning commentary in Pyeongchang as there has been at prior Games — but media have a long way to go when it comes to avoiding sexist language, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Feb 14,2018
OPINION: Coming forward shouldn’t be seen as breaking ranks, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Jan 24,2018
OPINION: Canadian provinces, including Ontario, have introduced new measures to support women who report sexual assault — and that’s a good first step, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Jan 10,2018
OPINION: In the wake of the Albert Schultz allegations, writes Lauren McKeon, there are lessons we can learn as a country.
Published On: Jan 03,2018
OPINION: Last year, women broke the silence on sexual assault. This year, writes Lauren McKeon, we need to stay loud.
Published On: Dec 06,2017
OPINION; Post-Weinstein, some companies are limiting alcohol consumption at parties. But it’ll take more than temperance to rid workplaces of sexual harassment, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Nov 22,2017
OPINION: Talented abusers are still abusers, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Nov 15,2017
OPINION: Jordan Peterson’s popularity is distressing, but it lets us know what we’re up against, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Nov 08,2017
OPINION: Self-care is often derided as frivolous and exclusive, writes Lauren McKeon. But post-Weinstein, it’s more important than ever.
Published On: Oct 26,2017
OPINION: In 2017, writes Lauren McKeon, we shouldn’t have to write how-to guides for sexual equality.
Published On: Oct 18,2017
OPINION: People doubt you when you’re young, then ignore you when you’re old, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Oct 12,2017
OPINION: Going it alone can be the ultimate form of rebellion, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Oct 05,2017
 OPINION: Sexual empowerment doesn’t have to mean sexual adventurousness, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Sep 21,2017
OPINION: We tell girls they can do anything, Lauren McKeon writes — as long as it’s not too important, too serious, or too masculine.
Published On: Sep 14,2017
OPINION: Sure, celebrity activism is simple and inoffensive — but that’s what makes it so popular, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Sep 07,2017
OPINION: The idea that marching and protesting is the only way to effect change devalues women’s everyday rebellions, writes Lauren McKeon.
Published On: Aug 30,2017
OPINION: The idea that raging racists could be saved by sex isn’t just silly, writes Lauren McKeon — it also makes women culpable for extremists’ behaviour.
Published On: Aug 24,2017
OPINION: It’s hard enough to find affordable housing, writes Lauren McKeon. Imagine what it’s like when your abuser controls every part of your life — including your money.