Joshna Maharaj

Joshna Maharaj is a chef and food activist. She appears regularly as part of  the food panel on The Agenda with Steve Paikin. 

Joshna Maharaj's articles

Published On: February 17, 2017
 It isn’t the icing or chocolate chips that make baking therapeutic — the secret’s in the process itself.
Published On: January 31, 2017
OPINION: Buying produce that's grown near you is great, but so is maintaining some balance.
Published On: January 18, 2017
It's a gesture repeated thousands of times a day in bars and restaurants just about everywhere. Why, exactly, do we take a moment to clink glasses before we drink?
Published On: January 03, 2017
OPINION: January is supposed to be about compensation — atoning for our sins with self-control. But there's a better way to start the year.
Published On: December 19, 2016
You know what's more fun than stuff you buy at a store? Stuff you make at home.
Published On: December 05, 2016
OPINION: Time to ditch the Instagram filters, put away that phone, and dig in.
Published On: November 21, 2016
‘Traditional’ dishes will always deviate from their origins — and as long as they taste good, that’s okay.
Published On: January 11, 2016
The Agenda's food panel discusses issues that affect the food chain. Find out what tickles chef and community organizer and regular panelist Joshna’s palate.