Josh Dehaas


Josh Dehaas is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in Maclean’s and the National Post, among others.

Josh Dehaas' articles

Published On: Feb 11,2019
OPINION: The NDP charges that the Progressive Conservative government is looking to restructure the province’s health-care system. Here’s why that may not be such a bad idea, writes Josh Dehaas.
Published On: Jan 09,2019
ANALYSIS: The Tories may prohibit companies from basing insurance rates on postal codes, writes Josh Dehaas. Here’s what that could mean for your monthly payments.
Published On: Oct 04,2018
ANALYSIS: Doug Ford says he’ll hop on a bulldozer if necessary — but a recent court decision about the Trans Mountain Pipeline shows there’s an easier way, writes Josh Dehaas.
Published On: Sep 12,2018
ANALYSIS: An arbitrator has ruled that Ryerson University will no longer be able to use student evaluations of teaching to make decisions about hiring and promotions — but the debate over SETs is far from over, writes Josh Dehaas.
Published On: Aug 15,2018
OPINION: Saudi Arabia is pulling thousands of students out of Canada. The lesson here, writes Josh Dehaas, is that schools should diversify their foreign enrolment.
Published On: Jul 26,2018
ANALYSIS: In Ontario, the process of evicting problem tenants is long and expensive — and there are few resources to help landlords through it, writes Josh Dehaas.
Published On: May 14,2018
ANALYSIS: They’re good for families, take up less space than detached homes, and tend to be cheaper, too — so why aren’t we building more of them?
Published On: Apr 09,2018
ANALYSIS: The Liberals have introduced legislation to protect servers — but unless the government forces employers to track gratuities, employees will still be at the mercy of bad bosses, writes Josh Dehaas.
Published On: Mar 29,2018
ANALYSIS: Many Ontarians currently aren’t able to access the mental-health supports they need — but the government’s proposed four-year, $2.1 billion strategy could change that.
Published On: Feb 09,2018
ANALYSIS: So-called daddy quotas are already in place in parts of Europe and Asia. Josh Dehaas examines whether Canada should follow their lead.
Published On: Jan 24,2018
ANALYSIS: Pharmacists cheat the system to the tune of more than $100 million each year — and the province is doing little to stop them, writes Josh Dehaas.  
Published On: Dec 13,2017
ANALYSIS: The Ontario Liberals killed the northern rail service five years ago. We look at the case for bringing it back.