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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Apr 02,2020
OPINION: We can argue about whether the premier is leading the province well through the COVID-19 crisis. What’s going to matter two years from now is what he takes from all this.
Published On: Apr 01,2020
OPINION: The Tories responded to price-gougers later than they should have. Landlords are going to be their next big problem.
Published On: Mar 27,2020
OPINION: Every time there’s a recession, governments struggle to get money into the hands of people who need it. Here’s one idea for when the next crisis hits.
Published On: Mar 26,2020
OPINION: Ontario’s COVID-19 recovery measures passed speedily at Queen’s Park yesterday. The federal Liberals’ legislative attempt was a fiasco.
Published On: Mar 23,2020
OPINION: Trudeau may invoke the Emergencies Act. Or he may not. It doesn’t matter: the real work is being done by the provinces.
Published On: Mar 20,2020
OPINION: MPPs showed up for work this week for a brief but important meeting of the legislature — and showed what politicians can accomplish in a crisis.
Published On: Mar 17,2020
Premier Doug Ford has declared a state of emergency in the province of Ontario. What will that involve, and what comes next?
Published On: Mar 16,2020
OPINION: The provincial government is taking the measured advice of professionals and being careful not to panic. That’s good — but it may not be enough.
Published On: Mar 13,2020
OPINION: Libraries are “palaces for the people” — but government rarely appreciates the work they do.
Published On: Mar 11,2020
ANALYSIS: Eglinton–Lawrence MPP Robin Martin wants to keep property-tax assessments from shooting skyward in parts of the city that are seeing a forest of condos go up.
Published On: Mar 09,2020
OPINION: New Ontario Liberal leader Steven Del Duca is a known quantity. Here’s what we know about his baggage.  
Published On: Mar 06,2020
Raising taxes is likely a hard sell in the PC caucus. But events from this past week should have the government considering new tax measures for the GTA’s housing market. 
Published On: Mar 04,2020
ANALYSIS: The Parliamentary Budget Office has released a report on the fiscal sustainability of Canada and the provinces — and it’s got big news for Ontario.
Published On: Mar 02,2020
ANALYSIS: The government promised major changes to how cities force developers to pay for community benefits. Now it wants more time.
Published On: Feb 25,2020
The future is coming for us all — and the province needs to figure out how we’re going to power it.
Published On: Feb 21,2020
OPINION: Thanks to their licence-plate bungling, the Tories have had a rough week. But it's worth looking at some recent policy moves that haven't gone wrong.  
Published On: Feb 19,2020
OPINION: The Tories love to rail against the Liberal record on “corporate welfare.” But are they any better?
Published On: Feb 14,2020
Labour was crushed in the last election. A new report lays out why — and it should give politicians in this province lots to think about.