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John Michael McGrath is a reporter at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Feb 01,2019

OPINION: It’s good that the official Opposition leaked a draft of the government’s massive health-care reform bill, writes John Michael McGrath. But there’s no cause to cry “privatization” just yet.

Published On: Jan 29,2019

ANALYSIS: If your town won’t let you toboggan or climb trees, there’s a good chance that joint and several liability is to blame — and the premier is just the latest politician promising to reform it, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Jan 25,2019

ANALYSIS: The Tories have scrapped controversial changes to the Planning Act. But Bill 66 goes far beyond the Greenbelt, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Jan 22,2019

ANALYSIS: Premier Doug Ford claims that a federal carbon tax could spark a recession — but, John Michael McGrath asks, where’s the evidence?

Published On: Jan 18,2019

ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives say their priority is to get new homes built, and the rules they’ve proposed reflect that aim. But John Michael McGrath asks what the real-world results will be.

Published On: Jan 15,2019

OPINION: If the electorate won’t punish politicians for making unkeepable promises, writes John Michael McGrath, then who can blame the Tories for making one more?

Published On: Jan 11,2019

ANALYSIS: The Google-backed plan to revitalize part of Toronto’s waterfront includes a new type of district-energy system that could provide a climate-friendly solution to heating and cooling, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Jan 09,2019

OPINION: Thanks to a recent court decision, the government can add one more thing to its 2019 to-do list, writes John Michael McGrath — addressing animal-welfare enforcement in Ontario.

Published On: Jan 08,2019

ANALYSIS: The court recently ruled that the company’s arbitration clause was “unconscionable” — and that could have far-reaching consequences for the gig economy, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Jan 02,2019

OPINION: The Progressive Conservative government faced struggles in its first six months in power, writes John Michael McGrath. Thanks to the budget deficit, the coming year will be even harder.

Published On: Dec 19,2018

ANALYSIS: The government’s recent Bill 66 isn’t a housing policy — but it signals how far the Progressive Conservatives are willing to go to relax regulations, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Dec 14,2018

OPINION: The Tories’ environmental policies are worse than those of their predecessors — but Ontario shouldn’t have to atone for all Canada’s climate-change sins, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Dec 11,2018

OPINION: The FAO has released its first full report under Doug Ford’s government, and it presents a bleak vision of the province’s fiscal future, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Dec 07,2018

ANALYSIS: During the election, the Tories promised to protect the Greenbelt. But a bill set for debate next year breaks that promise, writes John Michael McGrath — and puts 7,200 square kilometres of protected land at risk.

Published On: Dec 06,2018

ANALYSIS: Looking to give the gift of Liberal mismanagement, infighting, and political machinations? Bonnie Lysyk’s annual audit has you covered, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Dec 04,2018

OPINION: The Select Committee on Financial Transparency has been grilling Liberals and civil servants for weeks. With just nine days left until its report is due, John Michael McGrath asks, what has it really achieved?

Published On: Nov 30,2018

ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives’ new climate plan makes the government’s priorities clear, and climate policy isn’t one of them, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Nov 27,2018

OPINION: The company is closing its Oshawa plant, eliminating 2,500 jobs in the process. The move could serve as a lesson for politicians, writes John Michael McGrath — but it probably won’t.