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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Nov 11,2019
OPINION: The Tories are doing a post-mortem on why they came up short in the 2019 election. They may want to think about abandoning a vision voters don’t share.
Published On: Nov 06,2019
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives have made a fiscal about-face, abandoning spending restraint — and committing big money to various programs.
Published On: Nov 04,2019
The Greens have released a discussion paper on affordable housing. speaks with leader Mike Schreiner about trying to find comprehensive solutions for complex problems.  
Published On: Nov 01,2019 speaks with Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice, about Ontario’s new legislation — and what it will mean for the province’s animals.
Published On: Oct 30,2019
ANALYSIS: A new report from the province’s Financial Accountability Office projects a spike in the need for long-term-care beds — and suggests our system isn’t prepared for it.  
Published On: Oct 28,2019
OPINION: After four months off, it’s business as usual again at the legislature. What should you be keeping an eye on?
Published On: Oct 22,2019
ANALYSIS: Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are looking at a minority in the House of Commons — but they still have a chance to make moves on climate change, pharmacare, and more.
Published On: Oct 18,2019
OPINION: The structures and systems we built decades ago don’t reflect reality anymore. Preparing for the floods to come won’t be easy — or cheap.  
Published On: Oct 15,2019
No jobs. No anglophones. No summer. A new report says that myths about northern Ontario are scaring off potential farmers.
Published On: Oct 11,2019
OPINION: What happened to the Syrian restaurant in Toronto this week tells us a lot about what immigration policy can — and can’t — do.
Published On: Oct 08,2019
ANALYSIS: The government negotiated a tentative agreement on Sunday night, keeping kids in class. But there are more negotiations to come — and they’ll only get tougher.
Published On: Oct 04,2019
OPINION: The Liberals have proposed a number of policies aimed at boosting “affordability” — but they should make a clearer distinction between must-haves and nice-to-haves.  
Published On: Oct 01,2019
OPINION: The Liberal MPP and leadership candidate’s letter to the premier might have been political theatre, but it points toward the need for democratic reform.
Published On: Sep 27,2019
OPINION: It takes forever to get infrastructure built in this country. Canadians had better hope things don’t get worse.
Published On: Sep 25,2019
ANALYSIS: The Ford government seems bent on trying to stay out of the headlines until after the federal election — but the province’s teachers may make that impossible.  
Published On: Sep 20,2019
ANALYSIS: Our energy grid is among the cleanest in North America — but the province’s nuclear plans mean that some of our progress will be reversed over the next decade.  
Published On: Sep 19,2019
OPINION: The Conservatives Party claims that the Liberals have a secret plan to tax your house for its capital gains. They almost certainly don’t, but we should all consider this politically impossible good idea.
Published On: Sep 17,2019
 Warming waters in Lake Huron are creating stress for fish — and that has one farmer considering a new site in Lake Superior.