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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Jun 17,2020
OPINION: The premier wonders why it takes so long to get anything built in Ontario. The answer is that certain interests want it to take that long. Is he ready to take them on?
Published On: Jun 12,2020
ANALYSIS: The head of the Ontario Hospital Association is warning the government that the province’s hospitals are filling up again — and that they might not be prepared if COVID-19 returns in the fall.
Published On: Jun 09,2020
OPINION: Municipal and local politicians like to avoid questions about police conduct by saying they have no role in police operations. That means police answer to nobody but themselves.
Published On: Jun 05,2020
OPINION: Affordable housing. Bike lanes. Patio space. Council is finally making moves it should have made decades ago — but will its new attitude outlast the pandemic?
Published On: Jun 01,2020
OPINION: Could COVID-19 make local and provincial governments treat affordability as the core question in planning?
Published On: May 28,2020
ANALYSIS: The provincially owned power company says that personal protective equipment will be provided and that offices will be limited to 50 per cent capacity — but workers remain concerned for their safety.
Published On: May 27,2020
OPINION: Successive governments in this province have tried to obfuscate and to deny the sector’s problems. It’s time for politicians and voters alike to demand transparency and change.
Published On: May 25,2020
OPINION: Mayor John Tory has painted a grim picture of Toronto’s financial state. If Ottawa won’t come to the city’s aid, the province will have to.
Published On: May 22,2020
Ontario’s biggest tech company says it’s now going office-optional. If this is going to be our new normal, that could mean huge changes to provincial policy and politics.
Published On: May 20,2020
ANALYSIS: Premier Doug Ford has repeatedly said that Ontario will reopen as a province — not region by region. But new research suggests there could be benefits to taking a local approach. 
Published On: May 15,2020
OPINION: Governments are going to use COVID-19 to do what they wanted to do anyway. In Ontario, that’ll mean a return to austerity politics.
Published On: May 14,2020
Construction. Retail stores outside of malls. Recreational activities. Find out more about what’s coming for the province — and when.c
Published On: May 11,2020
ANALYSIS: Randy Hillier, who represents Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston as an independent, says the state of emergency has given the premier too much authority — so he’s going to force a debate.
Published On: May 08,2020
Yes, Toronto’s politics can be obstructive, and its NIMBYs are a powerful force — but that’s not what killed the smart-city development.
Published On: May 06,2020
OPINION: As COVID-19 plateaus in this province, the government is facing a new nightmare: how to convince Ontarians it’s safe to go out and spend their money.
Published On: May 01,2020
OPINION: Council members used to assert that it was impossible to approve new construction in the city in less than six months. COVID-19 proves that “impossible” can be accomplished.
Published On: Apr 29,2020
OPINION: It’s clear that the Liberals have no stomach for a permanent basic income. Maybe we can talk them into a permanent wage subsidy instead.
Published On: Apr 27,2020
ANALYSIS: The government released its framework for ending some public-health restrictions imposed to control COVID-19. One thing’s for sure: Ontarians will need to be patient.