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John Michael McGrath is a reporter at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: May 22,2019
OPINION: The Progressive Conservatives are offering municipalities $7.35 million to go hunting for “efficiencies.” They’d call it a waste of money if they weren’t in power.   
Published On: May 17,2019
The federal agency responsible for finding a long-term storage site for spent nuclear fuel has been scouting out possible locations for a Deep Geological Repository. Two of them are in Bruce County.  
Published On: May 14,2019
ANALYSIS: The government’s new housing bill will give it far more power to force development around transit stations. Here’s why that could lead to more housing — and angry urban voters.  
Published On: May 10,2019
OPINION: Ottawa wants to crack down on the dirty money flowing into Canada’s economy — but there can be no national plan unless Ontario takes action.
Published On: May 06,2019
ANALYSIS: The federal carbon tax has survived its first legal test, but at least two more are coming. So what does the Saskatchewan decision mean for its future?
Published On: May 03,2019
OPINION: The ink hadn’t even dried on the government’s housing plan before critics charged that it was a giveaway to developers. But if it means that more homes get built, then what’s the problem?  
Published On: May 01,2019
OPINION: Innisfil town council opted for the plan because of its low upfront costs — but two years later, councillors are capping service and raising prices.
Published On: Apr 30,2019
Last week, the Progressive Conservative government found itself defending corner-store beer sales and funding cuts — so what do those things have in common? 
Published On: Apr 23,2019
OPINION: The carbon-tax arguments made before the Court of Appeal last week demonstrate that climate-change policy has to be smart as well as aggressive.
Published On: Apr 18,2019
OPINION: An Ontario court allowed the carbon-tax fight to be live-streamed — but a tweet that Doug Ford sent out during the proceedings may have justices regretting that decision.
Published On: Apr 16,2019
OPINION: On the first day of arguments before Ontario's highest court, the province's lawyers made it clear that the judiciary won’t be able to make peace between Ottawa and skeptical provinces.
Published On: Apr 11,2019
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives’ first budget is here. lays out what Doug Ford’s government has in store for Ontarians on transportation, the deficit, and more
Published On: Apr 05,2019
OPINION: In choosing Kathleen Wynne’s successor, the Liberals must weigh principle against pragmatism. A new bill from MPP Marie-France Lalonde may indicate which way the party is leaning.
Published On: Apr 02,2019
ANALYSIS: Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals barred the aggregate industry from operating in “natural heritage systems” — the industry is hoping that Doug Ford’s Tories will go a different route.  
Published On: Mar 28,2019
OPINION: Incompatible trains. Needlessly expensive below-grade construction. More subway stops without the ridership to justify them. The government’s Toronto transit plan is here.
Published On: Mar 22,2019
OPINION: The centrepiece of the federal budget’s housing strategy is an equity-sharing scheme intended to help homebuyers afford mortgages. The big question is whether the feds will need provincial help to make it work  
Published On: Mar 18,2019
OPINION: A new report from the Parliamentary Budget Office examines what the big provinces have done with funding from Ottawa. John Michael McGrath explains what the findings reveal about politicians’ promises.
Published On: Mar 13,2019
ANALYSIS: New research suggests that we can farm fish without creating ecological nightmares. John Michael McGrath examines what that could mean for Ontario’s aquaculture industry.