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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: July 21, 2021
OPINION: A new report from the Toronto Board of Trade estimates the costs of the city’s housing shortage. The numbers are overwhelming — but so is council’s dedication to the status quo.
Published On: July 19, 2021
OPINION: The New Democrats have announced their latest platform proposal supporting electric vehicles. Maybe we should step back and ask what we want to get out of EVs in the first place.
Published On: July 13, 2021
OPINION: The proper role of city government should be to make such spaces safe and well-regulated — not to try to legislate them out of existence.
Published On: July 09, 2021
OPINION: The vast majority of eligible people have now had a first shot. But our best hope of a normal fall depends on finding and immunizing more.
Published On: July 08, 2021
Ontario will now focus more on getting people to sign up for their first doses — and introduce some new strategies.
Published On: July 06, 2021
OPINION: The Ontario government has outlined its vision for transportation networks in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. But transit users need more than colourful lines on a map.
Published On: June 29, 2021
OPINION: Case counts are falling, and vaccines are on the rise — but so is the Delta variant. Patience may be the only answer.
Published On: June 25, 2021
OPINION: A new report shows that the lack of affordable housing in Toronto has pushed people out of Hamilton and is driving sprawl and long commutes across southern Ontario.
Published On: June 23, 2021
ANALYSIS: Leader Mike Schreiner tells about his party’s housing platform — and how to get the public to accept having more homes in their neighbourhoods.
Published On: June 18, 2021
OPINION: A cabinet shuffle this far into the last full fiscal year of a government means that new ministers won’t make a lot of difference — and the most important posts are staying in hands Ford trusts.
Published On: June 18, 2021
OPINION: New cases are down. More and more Ontarians are vaccinated. But the numbers aren’t where we need them to be right now.
Published On: June 17, 2021
According to the government’s latest briefing, more hot spots and age groups will be getting accelerated access for second shots.
Published On: June 15, 2021
OPINION: The health minister says there's no need for financial incentives to get the shot. That's okay for now — but things could look different in September.
Published On: June 11, 2021
OPINION: There are arguments for having Section 33 in our Constitution — undoing the errors of a government that can’t seem to shoot straight isn’t one of them.
Published On: June 10, 2021
According to new projections, case counts will continue to fall — if Ontario can vaccinate fast enough to contain the spread of the Delta variant.
Published On: June 10, 2021
The province aims to get more doses out the door faster in order to contain the spread of the so-called Delta variant.
Published On: June 09, 2021
ANALYSIS: The Tories are calling MPPs back to the legislature to reinstate an election law that was struck down on Tuesday — this time with the notwithstanding clause.
Published On: June 08, 2021
OPINION: The last bill introduced before the summer recess effectively freezes the progress of a sewage project first proposed in 2014 — and there’s no deadline in sight.