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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Sep 17,2019
 Warming waters in Lake Huron are creating stress for fish — and that has one farmer considering a new site in Lake Superior.
Published On: Sep 12,2019
ANALYSIS: An expert panel has identified nearly 100 pages’ worth of issues with the company’s “smart city” proposal. Here’s what that could mean for the project — and the city.  
Published On: Sep 11,2019
ANALYSIS: The 2019 campaign has officially begun. Here are some questions Ontario voters should be asking.
Published On: Sep 06,2019
ANALYSIS: The government seems to be trying to win back friends after a rough first year in office. Will it still be able to meet its own targets to balance the province’s books?
Published On: Sep 04,2019
OPINION: Reporters need to be careful about being fair during an election. And when it comes to carbon pricing, it’s fair to call the Liberal policy a carbon tax.
Published On: Aug 30,2019
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives have finalized regulations for the aquaculture industry. Here’s why farmers are happy — and why the province could soon be home to millions more fish.
Published On: Aug 26,2019
OPINION: The federal Liberals are attacking Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s record on same-sex marriage — but their own record is far from spotless.  
Published On: Aug 22,2019
OPINION: A year of rapid, large-scale policy changes from Queen’s Park has many local officials feeling the strain. Here’s how the Tories could start mending fences.
Published On: Aug 20,2019
OPINION: MPP Michael Coteau came to this year’s Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference armed with a “New Deal” for cities. So what’s in it for you?
Published On: Aug 19,2019
ANALYSIS: At the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s annual meeting, mayors are expressing concern that a cost-cutting government at Queen’s Park is going to saddle them with new costs.
Published On: Aug 16,2019
A new report finds that the economic benefits of cleaning up post-industrial waterfronts are huge — and that such efforts could pay even bigger dividends in the future.  
Published On: Aug 13,2019
OPINION: Not for the first time, municipal recycling systems are in crisis. If the Tories want to save the blue-bin program, they’ll have to accept that cities can’t do it all.  
Published On: Aug 09,2019
OPINION: A new report says that a once-reliable way of bringing homes to the resale market isn’t working like it used to. It’s another indication that our housing policies aren’t keeping up with our housing crisis.    
Published On: Aug 07,2019
Podcast co-host John Michael McGrath shares his favourites.
Published On: Aug 07,2019
ANALYSIS: The leadership hopefuls have different ideas about how the debates should play out. This may seem like a minor point, but it will shape the race to come.
Published On: Aug 01,2019
OPINION: If ethical concerns won’t persuade the government to shut down its propaganda wing, what will? Maybe the fact that it’s not doing its job
Published On: Jul 30,2019
OPINION: Berkeley, California, has restricted the connection of some new homes to natural-gas lines. It’s the kind of policy that governments need to start thinking about — so why is Ontario going the other way?
Published On: Jul 26,2019
OPINION: The Tories may have been their own worst enemy for the first part of this year, but Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet have enemies outside their own caucus — including the federal Liberals.