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John Michael McGrath is a reporter at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Jul 12,2019
ANALYSIS: The city has launched a governance review in response to last year’s cut to council. According to a new research paper, it should take a serious look at how it deals with business improvement areas and neighbourhood associations  
Published On: Jul 12,2019
OPINION: Every government talks a big game about reducing interprovincial trade barriers. The Alberta premier is reminding everyone that it’s possible to walk the walk.  
Published On: Jul 09,2019
OPINION: The government announced Monday that the sprawling 50-acre Ontario Food Terminal will stay put in south Etobicoke. Here’s why that was a smart move.
Published On: Jul 08,2019
He’s never held elected office — but he’d like to be Ontario’s next premier. speaks with the youngest Liberal seeking the party’s leadership.  
Published On: Jul 02,2019
OPINION: Families making more than $100,000 a year are struggling to afford homes in Ontario’s capital — and that’s a problem for all of us.
Published On: Jun 28,2019
ANALYSIS: Ontario’s highest court has declared the federal carbon tax constitutional. So what does that mean — and what comes next?
Published On: Jun 25,2019
OPINION: The company unveiled its plan this week. It’s bold and high-tech — but not everyone’s embracing it
Published On: Jun 21,2019
ANALYSIS: Faced with flagging poll numbers, the premier has shuffled his cabinet for the second time in less than a year. We look at who’s in, who’s out, and what it all means.
Published On: Jun 20,2019
OPINION: If Toronto wants to talk about protecting its policies from the whims of Queen’s Park, it needs to stop treating the rest of Ontario like some sort of barren wasteland.  
Published On: Jun 18,2019
OPINION: Queen’s Park is abuzz with rumours of an impending cabinet shuffle. But merely changing the faces around the table won’t change public opinion.
Published On: Jun 13,2019
ANALYSIS: A committee headed by a prominent Ontario Liberal has recommended that Ottawa move ahead with full public pharmacare. But that can’t happen before the next election — and, after October, provinces may stand in the way.  
Published On: Jun 11,2019
ANALYSIS: New research suggests that opposition to carbon pricing may not have been the primary motivator behind Doug Ford’s political success. We look at what really drove PC support in Ontario.
Published On: Jun 06,2019
ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives have introduced legislation to cap public-sector salary increases. Here’s what the new law will do, and why the government wants it.
Published On: Jun 05,2019
ANALYSIS: A year after her crushing defeat, the former premier talks to about heckling in the house, the future of the Liberal party, and why she’s not going anywhere.
Published On: Jun 03,2019
ANALYSIS: The Beer Store fight isn’t just about beer. Here’s how it can help us understand the nature of Ontario politics over the course of the last generation.
Published On: May 28,2019
OPINION: Whether you drink beer or not, if you’re a progressive voter, you should be rooting for the premier in his government’s battle with beer companies.  
Published On: May 27,2019
OPINION: The Progressive Conservatives have staked their credibility on major spending cuts — but, for the third time since taking office, they’ve backed down in the face of public outcry  
Published On: May 24,2019
OPINION: The former cabinet member is running to be the next leader of his party. But can he walk away from the mistakes he made as a minister in the last government?