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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: November 12, 2021
OPINION: The controversial highway has real merits — but its critics are not all downtown activists.
Published On: November 09, 2021
OPINION: To paraphrase a historical Liberal, Steven Del Duca is telling voters “highways if necessary, but not necessarily highways.”
Published On: November 05, 2021
OPINION: The government is pinning its re-election hopes on two new highways in the GTA — and reactions to its mini-budget speech hint at how the campaign might unfold.
Published On: November 04, 2021
ANALYSIS: Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy presented the fall economic statement on Thursday. Here’s what it has to say about deficits, transit, and more.
Published On: November 03, 2021
The province has unveiled its rollout plan for third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Read the full briefing.
Published On: November 02, 2021
OPINION: Toronto is once again trying to thwart provincial planning policy, this time around transit stations. There’s a better way.
Published On: October 28, 2021
OPINION: speaks with Green leader Mike Schreiner and deputy leader Dianne Saxe about their election 2022 climate plank and why they think voters want an honest plan — even if it costs them.
Published On: October 26, 2021
OPINION: As soon as public-health measures end, businesses are going to push to get workers back in their cubicles Monday to Friday. That’s a decision too big to be left to the bosses.
Published On: October 22, 2021
OPINION: The government has announced that it aims to lift all public-health measures by early next year. It’s a good plan — if the Tories can stick to it.
Published On: October 19, 2021
OPINION: Liberal leader Steven Del Duca is promising major voting changes. In the lead-up to the election, we need to press all parties for details about their visions of democratic reform.
Published On: October 15, 2021
The province has released the details of its enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificate and the Verify Ontario app for businesses. Read the full briefing here.
Published On: October 14, 2021
OPINION: Bars and restaurants will soon see the end of the capacity limits they’ve chafed under for so long. But lifting restrictions won’t solve their labour issues.
Published On: October 12, 2021
OPINION: The federal Tories are arguing over where to go next. They should look to their provincial counterparts for a roadmap.
Published On: October 08, 2021
OPINION: The justification for the Ontario line and other transit plans was a growing army of workers commuting to downtown offices every day. What if they don’t come back after COVID-19?
Published On: October 05, 2021
OPINION: The recent Supreme Court decision and a shameful display at city council both call into question the kind of future we’re building here — and the interests that will shape it.
Published On: October 01, 2021
OPINION: Canada’s top court has found that cutting council in half during a municipal election was perfectly constitutional. But the fight doesn’t have to end there.
Published On: September 29, 2021
In response to new data about rates of myocarditis, the province has released new guidelines for Ontarians ages 18 to 24.
Published On: September 28, 2021
OPINION: It looks as if children ages five to 11 could be able to get their shots soon. That’s a huge relief. Unvaccinated adults remain the biggest problem.