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John Michael McGrath is a reporter at covering provincial politics and policy. 


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Published On: Mar 22,2019
OPINION: The centrepiece of the federal budget’s housing strategy is an equity-sharing scheme intended to help homebuyers afford mortgages. The big question is whether the feds will need provincial help to make it work  
Published On: Mar 18,2019
OPINION: A new report from the Parliamentary Budget Office examines what the big provinces have done with funding from Ottawa. John Michael McGrath explains what the findings reveal about politicians’ promises.
Published On: Mar 13,2019

ANALYSIS: New research suggests that we can farm fish without creating ecological nightmares. John Michael McGrath examines what that could mean for Ontario’s aquaculture industry.

Published On: Mar 11,2019

ANALYSIS: The home-building lobby wants the province to override municipalities in order to make room for millions of new homes. The question, writes John Michael McGrath, is whether MPPs — and voters — are willing to entertain the idea.

Published On: Mar 04,2019

ANALYSIS: A letter from the government advises cities and towns to pause planning reviews until the province has unveiled its housing-supply policy. John Michael McGrath explains what this means for municipalities.

Published On: Mar 01,2019

OPINION: The government’s proposed new “super-agency” could be just what the doctor ordered for Ontario’s health-care woes, writes John Michael McGrath

Published On: Feb 26,2019

OPINION: A new private member’s bill from MPP Michael Coteau aims to drive down the costs of repairing electronics. If the PCs are smart, writes John Michael McGrath, they’ll give it a fair hearing.

Published On: Feb 22,2019

OPINION: The company has unveiled a proposal to kick-start development of Toronto’s Port Lands. There’s just one problem, writes John Michael McGrath — Doug Ford has already said no.

Published On: Feb 19,2019

ANALYSIS: MPPs have returned to the legislature for the spring sitting, and John Michael McGrath is here to break down what’s in store for the parties and the province.

Published On: Feb 15,2019

OPINION: A new report offers some bold suggestions for combatting Toronto’s housing-affordability problem, writes John Michael McGrath. So how much do you care about parking, pools, and rec rooms?

Published On: Feb 12,2019

OPINION: The future of the waterfront attraction is up in the air. If we want it to survive, writes John Michael McGrath, we may need to let the past die.

Published On: Feb 08,2019

ANALYSIS: For generations, the iron rule of electrical power was that it had to pay for itself. John Michael McGrath asks whether that rule needs to bend in the face of climate change.

Published On: Feb 05,2019

ANALYSIS: According to new files released by the NDP, the government has already taken steps to prepare for major structural changes to the health-care system. But they raise questions about much more than just privatization, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Feb 01,2019

OPINION: It’s good that the official Opposition leaked a draft of the government’s massive health-care reform bill, writes John Michael McGrath. But there’s no cause to cry “privatization” just yet.

Published On: Jan 29,2019

ANALYSIS: If your town won’t let you toboggan or climb trees, there’s a good chance that joint and several liability is to blame — and the premier is just the latest politician promising to reform it, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Jan 25,2019

ANALYSIS: The Tories have scrapped controversial changes to the Planning Act. But Bill 66 goes far beyond the Greenbelt, writes John Michael McGrath.

Published On: Jan 22,2019

ANALYSIS: Premier Doug Ford claims that a federal carbon tax could spark a recession — but, John Michael McGrath asks, where’s the evidence?

Published On: Jan 18,2019

ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives say their priority is to get new homes built, and the rules they’ve proposed reflect that aim. But John Michael McGrath asks what the real-world results will be.