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John Michael McGrath is a staff writer at covering provincial politics and policy.

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Published On: Jun 02,2020
OPINION: Could COVID-19 make local and provincial governments treat affordability as the core question in planning?
Published On: May 28,2020
ANALYSIS: The provincially owned power company says that personal protective equipment will be provided and that offices will be limited to 50 per cent capacity — but workers remain concerned for their safety.
Published On: May 27,2020
OPINION: Successive governments in this province have tried to obfuscate and to deny the sector’s problems. It’s time for politicians and voters alike to demand transparency and change.
Published On: May 25,2020
OPINION: Mayor John Tory has painted a grim picture of Toronto’s financial state. If Ottawa won’t come to the city’s aid, the province will have to.
Published On: May 22,2020
Ontario’s biggest tech company says it’s now going office-optional. If this is going to be our new normal, that could mean huge changes to provincial policy and politics.
Published On: May 20,2020
ANALYSIS: Premier Doug Ford has repeatedly said that Ontario will reopen as a province — not region by region. But new research suggests there could be benefits to taking a local approach. 
Published On: May 15,2020
OPINION: Governments are going to use COVID-19 to do what they wanted to do anyway. In Ontario, that’ll mean a return to austerity politics.
Published On: May 14,2020
Construction. Retail stores outside of malls. Recreational activities. Find out more about what’s coming for the province — and when.c
Published On: May 11,2020
ANALYSIS: Randy Hillier, who represents Lanark–Frontenac–Kingston as an independent, says the state of emergency has given the premier too much authority — so he’s going to force a debate.
Published On: May 08,2020
Yes, Toronto’s politics can be obstructive, and its NIMBYs are a powerful force — but that’s not what killed the smart-city development.
Published On: May 06,2020
OPINION: As COVID-19 plateaus in this province, the government is facing a new nightmare: how to convince Ontarians it’s safe to go out and spend their money.
Published On: May 01,2020
OPINION: Council members used to assert that it was impossible to approve new construction in the city in less than six months. COVID-19 proves that “impossible” can be accomplished.
Published On: Apr 29,2020
OPINION: It’s clear that the Liberals have no stomach for a permanent basic income. Maybe we can talk them into a permanent wage subsidy instead.
Published On: Apr 27,2020
ANALYSIS: The government released its framework for ending some public-health restrictions imposed to control COVID-19. One thing’s for sure: Ontarians will need to be patient.
Published On: Apr 24,2020
ANALYSIS: The science we have suggests young children aren’t at huge risk of either getting or spreading COVID-19. Here’s what that could mean for the province’s teachers, students, and parents.
Published On: Apr 21,2020
OPINION: COVID-19 is ravaging Toronto’s finances. If the federal government is going to step in, it should first prod Queen’s Park to reverse an odious error.
Published On: Apr 20,2020
The province unveiled updated modelling today — and it offers cause for both optimism and concern.
Published On: Apr 17,2020
A University of Waterloo researcher says that the new coronavirus hot spot could come from people staying home — and that the province needs to start preparing.