John Lorinc


John Lorinc is an urban affairs journalist and senior editor at Spacing Magazine.

John Lorinc's articles

Published On: Feb 27,2019

OPINION: Plenty of schools have underused parking lots. John Lorinc asks, what if we could turn them into housing?

Published On: Oct 18,2018

ANALYSIS: Doug Ford’s government could learn a lot from London about operating a transit system, writes John Lorinc.

Published On: Dec 14,2017

OPINION: Land-use and transportation issues may not be top of mind for most voters — but they should be.

Published On: Oct 20,2016

John Lorinc: Municipal wards are redrawn periodically as cities grow. But politicians often prolong the exercise into a frustrating drama that doesn’t even tackle the biggest shortcomings in our city councils.

Published On: Jun 23,2016

Urban affairs journalist John Lorinc explains why properly appointed public spaces are vital in connecting big-city communities.

Published On: Jun 17,2016

Urban affairs journalist John Lorinc highlights issues that weren’t brought up in the debate over pedestrian safety, such as entertainment consoles in cars that lead to distracted driving.  

Published On: May 10,2016

Urban affairs journalist John Lorinc describes how cities in Ontario and abroad are changing streetscapes to make life safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Published On: Apr 07,2016

Golf courses across Ontario are in danger of being turned into subdivisions. But municipalities should think twice about listening to the local backlash, John Lorinc says.

Published On: Feb 02,2016

​Investing in rapid transit for underserved neighbourhoods often triggers sharp rises in land value, pushing out the very residents it’s meant to support.

Published On: Nov 20,2015

Soaring accommodations costs in cities such as Toronto are creating a parallel crisis for renters, explains John Lorinc. He recommends these measures to counter an escalating urban housing market.

Published On: Nov 19,2015

Homes in booming Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are more affordable than London, England’s — for now. But the similarities in housing speculation trends should not be ignored, John Lorinc cautions.

Published On: Nov 18,2015

The high cost of housing isn’t just a problem for those who can’t afford to buy, argues urban affairs journalist John Lorinc. There are growing indications it can jeopardize the entire economy of a city.