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Published On: Jul 27,2015
While the overall teen pregnancy rate in Canada declined 20.3 per cent in the last decade, one part of Ontario is holding steady. In the northeast, the rate of teen pregnancy is more than double that of the rest of Ontario.
Published On: Jul 23,2015
Problem gambling is talked about only in hushed tones, if at all, in many immigrant communities. But with expanding access to casino gaming in Ontario, experts warn greater supports are needed.
Published On: Jul 09,2015
The supply of nurses in Canada dropped for the first time in 20 years with one of the largest declines in Ontario. Over 12,000 people in the province left nursing in 2014 — is the new Declaration of Practice rule to blame?
Published On: Jul 03,2015
Farkhunda Muhtaj wants to be the best, and that means practising every day. But during Ramadan, faith collides with sports. While the Muslim league she plays in goes on hiatus, the other three semi-pro soccer leagues keep on playing, and so does she.
Published On: Jun 25,2015
The increasing competition that publicly-owned attractions face for paying visitors highlights the failure of Da Mao and Er Shun to sustain a steady revenue stream for the Toronto Zoo.
Published On: Jun 16,2015
Recent studies reveal a rapid hike in the amount of alcohol consumed by women but little change in men’s consumption. This is not an area where Ontario can afford equality of the sexes. 
Published On: May 28,2015
The Ontario government is delaying a decrease in tax credits for film crews shooting in the province after the industry complained it would cost jobs. But a study indicates the benefits of the credits outweigh the costs to the government’s finances.
Published On: May 25,2015
In an effort to target health-conscious, ethically motivated consumers, big-name brands, including international Mexican fast-dining chain Chipotle, are increasingly pushing products that loudly and proudly sell their non-GMO status. But is anything actually wrong with genetically modified food?
Published On: May 13,2015
Small, isolated communities across the province are struggling with barely-there Internet service, which impedes job creation and business development. The government has promised help. Will change come anytime soon? 
Published On: May 07,2015
One of the biggest and most important policy challenges facing the province is its deficit and debt. The Progressive Conservatives insist they can balance the books faster than the Liberals. As Christine Elliott and Patrick Brown vie for the Ontario PC Party leadership, the Tories will need to present a clear vision for a fiscally sustainable future.
Published On: Apr 29,2015
The province faces a growing bottleneck in approving OHIP-covered gender reassignment surgery. As Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health struggles with an overload of patient referrals, the transgender community is forced to wait a minimum of two years for surgery.
Published On: Apr 23,2015
Conventional wisdom and low-interest rates have young Canadians increasingly spending on real estate. They’re also sinking deeper into debt and diverting dollars that could be invested elsewhere. Is buying in the current market actually a good idea? 
Published On: Apr 20,2015
New immigrants are consistently healthier than the domestic population, but their health declines quickly once they enter the country. Contributing factors include language barriers, economic challenges and culture.
Published On: Apr 17,2015
Evidence suggests “vaping” increases, not decreases, tobacco smoking. If passed, Ontario’s proposed Bill 45—the Making Healthy Choices Act— will remove current distinctions between the two.
Published On: Apr 16,2015
Despite a recent controversy over a police officer’s behaviour on social media, law enforcement in Ontario uses Twitter, Pinterest and other popular digital platforms to fight crime and engage citizens.