Erica Lenti


Erica Lenti is a Toronto-based freelance journalist who covers mental health, LGTBQ and women’s issues.

Erica Lenti's articles

Published On: Aug 09,2016

Anyone with a cervix should be screened to prevent cervical cancer, but the latest data shows that less than two-thirds of lesbians surveyed had received a Pap smear in the previous three years. What’s going on?

Published On: Jun 03,2016

Canadian Blood Services has proposed plans to reduce the abstinence requirement for gay men to donate blood from five years to one. But should they do more?


Published On: Mar 10,2016

Ontario’s plan to open up the overburdened sex reassignment surgery referral process threatens to create an even larger bottleneck at the only nearby institution that offers the surgeries themselves.

Published On: Dec 03,2015

Not disclosing an HIV-positive status to a sexual partner has been punishable by law in Canada since 1998—a law that activists say disproportionately affects marginalized groups.


Published On: Nov 05,2015

Some homeless youth still refuse to go to shelters for fear of discrimination. But will Canada’s first LGBTQ-specific shelter change that?