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Eric Bombicino is a producer at The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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Published On: Oct 29,2019
The kids are, in fact, going to be alright.
Published On: Oct 24,2019
A look at a minority report, the kingmaker, 'Wexit,' and more. 
Published On: Oct 22,2019
"I think we can all agree that one of the biggest winners in this election was … the pollsters."
Published On: Oct 18,2019
Examining the politics of minority governments.
Published On: Oct 15,2019
Is the 'wedge issue' a necessary campaign tool? 
Published On: Oct 10,2019
Let’s do an analysis ... of the analysis.
Published On: Oct 07,2019
Leaders’ Debate 101: ‘It’s their show, not yours’
Published On: Oct 03,2019
Trying to put populist anger to positive ends.
Published On: Oct 03,2019
In this episode of TVO’s politics podcast, activist Avi Lewis and Reform Party founder Preston Manning talk grassroots movements, angry voters, and democratic change
Published On: Sep 26,2019
Talking about inheriting trauma and using 'the G-word.'
Published On: Sep 24,2019
One former member of the Liberal government reflects on racism in its ranks.
Published On: Sep 19,2019
Ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? 
Published On: Sep 16,2019
Get up to speed on one of the biggest issues of the federal election campaign. 
Published On: Sep 12,2019
Exploring a world of big data and microtargeted messaging.
Published On: Sep 11,2019
The first episode of the latest #onpoli podcast is up.
Published On: Sep 04,2019
A sneak peek at some of the episodes being cooked up for #onpoli's upcoming season.
Published On: Aug 29,2019
Trying to understand 'populism.'
Published On: Aug 15,2019
A visit to the cottage prompts some thoughts on where the future of information is headed.