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Eric Bombicino is a producer at The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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Published On: Sep 19,2019
Ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? 
Published On: Sep 16,2019
Get up to speed on one of the biggest issues of the federal election campaign. 
Published On: Sep 12,2019
Exploring a world of big data and microtargeted messaging.
Published On: Sep 11,2019
The first episode of the latest #onpoli podcast is up.
Published On: Sep 04,2019
A sneak peek at some of the episodes being cooked up for #onpoli's upcoming season.
Published On: Aug 29,2019
Trying to understand 'populism.'
Published On: Aug 15,2019
A visit to the cottage prompts some thoughts on where the future of information is headed.
Published On: Jul 16,2019
Revisiting some earlier episodes of our Ontario politics podcast
Published On: Jul 09,2019
Revisiting some earlier episodes of our Ontario politics podcast
Published On: Jul 02,2019
Revisiting some earlier episodes of our Ontario politics podcast.
Published On: Jun 27,2019
Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath 'each possess an abyss of knowledge that is both terrifying and exciting.' 
Published On: Jun 24,2019
You did — and we answered.
Published On: Jun 18,2019
A Q&A with our podcast hosts.
Published On: Jun 13,2019
“We teach academics in school. We are now going to…start teaching financial literacy. Why can’t we teach coping skills?”
Published On: Jun 10,2019
Tackling a question many parents have asked: why are you teaching that to my kid?
Published On: Jun 06,2019
If campaign managers crack the code to this riddle, it could transform the political landscape.
Published On: Apr 02,2016
Once dubbed the suicide capital of the world, the Ojibwa community of Pikangikum continues to battle a host of structural and social problems crippling education, healthcare, food security and employment.
Published On: Dec 11,2015
Distrust towards outsiders is deeply rooted in the human brain, psychology professors say. This unconscious tendency may stem from the way prehistoric people protected themselves from danger.