Diana Fu


Diana Fu, host of TVO's China: Here and Now documentary series, is an assistant professor of Asia politics at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Mobilizing Without the Masses: Control and Contention in China.

Diana Fu's articles

Published On: Nov 13,2018
Starting in 1979, families were allowed to have just one child — now these single children are pampered, lonely, and burdened adults.
Published On: Nov 06,2018
The children of Chinese billionaires flaunt their wealth on social media and fetishize British aristocratic culture — but will the mega-wealthy use their clout to help those less fortunate?
Published On: Oct 30,2018
Through infrastructure projects and diplomacy, China is making inroads into Iran, Egypt, and other nations
Published On: Oct 23,2018
The Belt and Road Initiative is opening up markets worldwide — but not everyone welcomes growing Chinese engagement.
Published On: Oct 16,2018
Chinese workers are exposed to countless perils — but they often have nowhere to turn for protection.
Published On: Oct 09,2018
Foreign governments may welcome the country’s multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative, but some of their citizens see it as a form of Chinese economic imperialism.
Published On: Oct 02,2018
The country has become the world’s largest e-commerce hub. Find out how in the first episode of China: The Great Dragon.