David Rockne Corrigan


David Rockne Corrigan is TVO's  eastern Ontario Hub reporter.

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Published On: Dec 03,2018

From 1917 to 1934, the Trenton Film Plant made more than 1,500 silent films. We talked to local historian Peggy Dymond Leavey about the studio’s heyday — and its biggest box-office bomb.

Published On: Nov 30,2018

Deep River has, per capita, the most expensive fire department in Ontario — it’s hoping that new legislation will allow it to cut costs without putting residents at risk.

Published On: Nov 15,2018

ANALYSIS: The premier’s claim that his government has knocked almost five cents off the per-litre price of gas is credible, writes David Rockne Corrigan — but where the next five cents will come from is anyone’s guess.

Published On: Nov 05,2018

In Ontario, the province funds operating costs but not equipment. So when Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital came up against a funding shortage, they started asking neighbouring towns for help.

Published On: Oct 17,2018

Late-night commuters in Belleville now have a new transit option: their very own bus on demand. We go there to find out how it works.

Published On: Oct 15,2018

Thanks to one Ontario company, the recently discovered Zuul crurivastator is seeing the light of day for the first time in 75 million years.

Published On: Oct 11,2018

On municipal-election day, hundreds of candidates will win by acclamation in communities across Ontario — but what does that mean for democracy?

Published On: Sep 13,2018

Candidates in Kingston’s Portsmouth district won’t use lawn signs during the 2018 municipal-election campaign. Will politicians elsewhere follow their lead?

Published On: Sep 11,2018

The oldest surviving lighthouse on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence burned down in July — but on the American side, seven are still standing.

Published On: Aug 10,2018

A developer wants to transform the property — but a local group is fighting to ensure that the institution’s history is not forgotten.

Published On: Aug 09,2018

The pot industry has been a boon to Smiths Falls and to Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory — but while legalization is likely to help one community, it could harm the other.

Published On: Jul 16,2018

Empty buses were once a common sight in the city. Now, thanks to a few simple tactics, ridership is booming.

Published On: Jun 26,2018

One of Canada’s most respected urbanists says local opposition to tall condo projects is making Kingston’s housing crunch worse — and allowing low-quality designs to flourish.

Published On: Jun 21,2018

Many residents see tall condo buildings as a threat to the historic heart of the “Limestone City” — but business leaders and developers favour greater intensification.

Published On: Jun 18,2018

ANALYSIS: The premier-designate planted the idea during the election campaign — and several members of the PC caucus have an agricultural background, writes David Rockne Corrigan.

Published On: Jun 05,2018

Polling firm Advanced Symbolics says Bay of Quinte is a key riding for the New Democrats — but with just days to go until the election, it looks as if the Tories have the lead.

Published On: May 25,2018

The New Democrats haven't won a seat in the region since 1990 — but if everything goes right for them, an orange wave could hit parts of eastern Ontario on June 7.

Published On: May 17,2018

If you want a good idea of who will be Ontario's next premier, look to Peterborough—Kawartha — history shows it's an excellent guide.