Daniel Kitts


Daniel Kitts is a digital media producer at TVO.org.

Daniel Kitts' articles

Published On: Mar 03,2020
Physicist Shohini Ghose discusses quantum computers and their nearly unimaginable potential.
Published On: Mar 02,2020
In this new documentary series, explore the affordable-housing challenges facing cities in Ontario — and around the world.
Published On: Feb 18,2020
TVO.org speaks with two doctors about how changing the way medical professionals talk can improve the lives of children with physical and neurological disabilities
Published On: Feb 04,2020
Physicist Bryan Gaensler discusses why the truth of interstellar travel may be stranger than fiction.
Published On: Nov 28,2019
Getting worked up over property taxes, work-to-rule campaigns, and pricing carbon. 
Published On: Nov 21,2019
Differing views on whether the party understands why it lost the 2018 provincial election.
Published On: Nov 14,2019
The ripple effects of October's federal election continue.
Published On: Nov 07,2019
Last week, we encouraged loyal #onpoli listeners to send in their questions about federal politics. Today, we provide some answers.
Published On: Nov 06,2019
Astrophysicist Elizabeth Tasker discusses other planets in our galaxy and whether they could — or already do — support life.
Published On: Oct 22,2019
Physics and astronomy professor Gabriela González discusses gravitational waves — and why they could lead to a bright future here on Earth.
Published On: Sep 30,2019
Astronomer Martin Rees discusses the technological advances that could mean a bright future for humanity — or threaten its existence.
Published On: Sep 30,2019
Exploring how to channel voter rage.
Published On: Jun 12,2019
 ANALYSIS: The Tories often point out how well Ontario stacks up against other provinces when it comes to reducing emissions — but look beyond the national average, and the comparisons are less flattering.
Published On: Apr 30,2019
Meet a neuroscientist and a nanoscientist who argue that working together across disciplines could be the best way to solve medical mysteries.
Published On: Apr 22,2019
Misunderstood, under-diagnosed, and under-treated pain in children is a serious problem in pediatrics. Donna Cappelli and her son, Julian, who has cerebral palsy, talk to TVO.org about how it's affected their lives.
Published On: Apr 17,2019
Physicist Lee Smolin explains why so many people find quantum physics confusing — even physicists.
Published On: Dec 12,2018
In 2014, a crisis forced a complete renovation of the Canada Science and Technology Museum, in Ottawa. A new TVO documentary explores the three-year transformation that followed — and the questions it raises about the role of museums in the modern age.
Published On: Oct 24,2018
Astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell co-discovered some of the most remarkable objects in the universe. She discusses her storied career — and the significance of pulsars to science.