Corey Mintz


Corey Mintz is a Toronto-based food writer.

Corey Mintz's articles

Published On: Dec 31,2018
OPINION: People think that the night should be about crowds and parties and resolutions and regrets. Corey Mintz explains why they’re wrong.
Published On: Dec 27,2018
OPINION: Buying seafood in Ontario involves making many choices— gustatory, ethical, and otherwise. Here’s how to pick a bottle of this popular condiment, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Dec 21,2018
OPINION: There are the talkers. The drunkards. The stay-too-laters. Corey Mintz outlines useful strategies for getting them all out of your house
Published On: Dec 20,2018
OPINION: They’ve tried the obscure cheeses. They’ve been to the right restaurants. And they want to share everything they know. Here’s how to make them stop, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Dec 19,2018
OPINION: You eat it every year. You’re sick of eating it every year. So how can you convince your relatives it’s time to revolutionize your holiday meal? Corey Mintz lays out a plan of attack.
Published On: Dec 18,2018
OPINION: People abstain from alcohol for all kinds of reasons, none of which are your business. Here are five ways to make the teetotaler in your life feel welcome, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Dec 17,2018
OPINION: You make delicious jams and your salsas are a family hit — but starting a business is about more than just having a great product, writes Corey Mintz
Published On: Nov 12,2018
ANALYSIS: Cannabis-infused foods are expected to become legal in 2019. But financial barriers to entering the edibles market will be high — and the regulatory unknowns could make any investment risky, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Oct 18,2018
ANALYSIS: Supermarkets throw out perfectly good produce by the tonne — just because it’s unattractive. Through Flashfoodbox, consumers can rescue it, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Oct 03,2018
OPINION: At a Stratford restaurant, the hours are shorter and cooks serve the meals. If we want to eliminate abuse in the food industry, writes Corey Mintz, Ontarians are going to have to embrace this kind of model.
Published On: Sep 12,2018
ANALYSIS: Menus are packed with hidden information — but these tips and theories can help you decode it, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Aug 22,2018
OPINION: Food culture may be shallow in many ways, writes Corey Mintz — but it’s also opened up new worlds to countless diners.
Published On: Aug 07,2018
OPINION: Workers are exploited from farm to table, writes Corey Mintz. So why aren’t we doing anything about it?
Published On: Jul 30,2018
OPINION: When we glorify chefs, writes Corey Mintz, we set up young cooks for exploitation.
Published On: Jul 23,2018
In the age of Instagram, writes Corey Mintz, appearance often trumps flavour — and taste has become almost irrelevant.
Published On: Jul 16,2018
OPINION: What constitutes a glimmer of hope for the dining lobby? Young people who can’t cook or afford to buy a house.
Published On: Jul 09,2018
OPINION: If everyone you know is talking about a hot new spot, chances are that someone on Instagram got a free meal, writes Corey Mintz.
Published On: Jul 05,2018
OPINION: Diners often believe they know what’s made them sick. But they’re often wrong — and their accusations can hurt small businesses, writes Corey Mintz.