Chantal Braganza


Chantal Braganza produces stories about social justice, health care, culture, and politics for TVO. She is a producer on the On Docs podcast, writes features for, edits the Daily newsletter, and occasionally produces panel interviews for The Agenda With Steve Paikin.

Chantal Braganza's articles

Published On: Apr 05,2018
Vandals smashed windows on Locke Street to protest gentrification — but business owners, community workers, and residents say their actions only stifle meaningful discussions about the changing face of the city
Published On: Mar 28,2018
ANALYSIS: We examine four of the most significant changes coming to child care in this province — and how they’ll affect families.
Published On: Mar 22,2018
The New York Times and National Geographic have begun to reckon with their historical prejudices — but goodwill gestures must be backed up by institutional change, writes Chantal Braganza.
Published On: Mar 15,2018
OPINION: Masculinity is in crisis. Here's why that's not a bad thing, writes Chantal Braganza.
Published On: Jan 31,2018
OPINION: Commentators have been focusing on due process in the wake of sexual-misconduct allegations against Canadian politicians. Here’s what they should be focusing on instead, writes Chantal Braganza.
Published On: Jan 19,2018
OPINION: Companies that trade in stereotypes of Canadian niceness are often not very nice themselves, writes Chantal Braganza.
Published On: Jan 17,2018
OPINION: The author’s comments about 'good feminists' don’t make her a renegade — they put her squarely on the side of the status quo.
Published On: Jan 15,2018
Last month the federal government expanded parental leave for all — but it’s middle- and upper-income people who stand to gain the most.
Published On: May 25,2017
OPINION: The real problem isn't that someone wrote something misguided — it's that our media outlets make it inevitable that this keeps happening.
Published On: Oct 14,2016
Pop culture columnist Jesse Wente speaks about the Toronto Blue Jays’ playoff series against Cleveland — whose full team name and logo has long been under scrutiny for perpetuating stereotypes about Indigenous people.  
Published On: Oct 07,2016
When referring to people, capitalizes Aboriginal, Indigenous and Black to recognize these terms as identities, not just adjectives.
Published On: Oct 04,2016
A recent CBC News poll suggests that Canadians are more likely than Americans to believe newcomers and minorities need to assimilate. Journalists Andray Domise and Nam Kiwanuka discuss the implications of the poll and what diversity means in this country.
Published On: Oct 03,2016
Parents in Durham Region are furious over teachers confiscating unhealthy student lunches, while a top food security expert suggests Canada is well-positioned to take the lead on global warming’s threat to the fishing industry. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.
Published On: Sep 26,2016
The United Nations raises antibiotic resistance to a global health-crisis status, while internationally renowned chocolatier Soma shows that craft chocolate isn’t about the money. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.
Published On: Sep 19,2016
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns about scorpions and spiders in produce, while foreign dairy organizations protest a recently formalized Canadian dairy strategy. Click for more in this week’s Food Links.
Published On: Sep 16,2016
How do agricultural employers hire migrant workers? What are they paid? Where do they work? From politics to demographics to policy, here’s an explainer on migrant agricultural labour in Canada today.
Published On: Sep 01,2016
If Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate is to realize its goals, anti-racism advocates say, it needs to act quickly — and heed the advice of community organizations and government reports that have been repeated for decades.
Published On: Aug 25,2016
 Nearly a third of Canadians tuned in to the Tragically Hip’s moving final concert in Kingston. But what about the two-thirds who, whether by circumstance or choice, didn’t take part in that goodbye?