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Carla Lucchetta is a writer and editor at and occasional producer for The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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Published On: Dec 28,2016
From fiction and memoir to biography, history, and sociology, here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.
Published On: Nov 18,2016
Inmates’ relatives face emotional and financial hardships — and the Correctional Service of Canada isn’t doing enough to help them.
Published On: Sep 29,2016
A leading cancer researcher talks about the fear and anxiety that may be driving more women to choose invasive surgeries that don’t change their health outcomes.
Published On: Sep 23,2016
 A recent episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin featured a panel discussion on whether the halcyon days of multiculturalism are over. If not, Canada may provide a leading example of how to properly integrate newcomers.
Published On: Aug 11,2016
At a low point in his life, Craig Davidson took a job driving special needs children to school. He describes how profoundly it affected him in 'Precious Cargo: My Year Driving the Kids on School Bus 3077.'
Published On: Aug 05,2016
​After planning museums and arts institutions all over the world, Gail Lord explains in her new book, ‘Cities, Museums and Soft Power’ how increased access to culture can change cities and citizens for the better.
Published On: Jul 26,2016
​In his book, 'You May Also Like,' Tom Vanderbilt looks at how people choose the music they listen to and why music technology sometimes fails to predict what they’ll like.
Published On: Jul 06,2016
When Jael Ealey Richardson set out to write about her pro-footballer father’s career, she dug up pieces of his past that helped her understand her own life. Now, she’s sharing that history with children.
Published On: Jun 08,2016
The physician-assisted death bill has finally passed the House of Commons, while the Senate voted to amend it. The path to legalization in Canada has been a long and arduous one.
Published On: May 27,2016
By 2025, millennials will overtake baby boomers and gen-Xers at work. They value work-life balance over money and consensus-building over management hierarchies. So, what does an age-blended workplace look like?
Published On: May 06,2016
A graphic memoir reveals an unflinching look at the realities of living alongside cancer.
Published On: Jan 11,2016
A chance meeting with the rock icon back in 1999 showed me that among his many talents is the ability to connect on an everyday human level.
Published On: Dec 30,2015
From fiction and memoir to biography, history and international fare, here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.
Published On: Dec 18,2015
Hundreds of campaigns to settle and help Syrian refugees are taking place across the province. Here is a small sample of the countless efforts of service-minded citizens.  
Published On: Nov 03,2015
A new memoir by writer Ian Brown takes readers on a journey of neurotic denial, worry and ultimate acceptance of what he describes as ‘adolescent elderliness.’
Published On: Oct 06,2015
The perceived apathy of Canada’s 18-30 non-voting demographic doesn’t take into account their other political activities, such as petition signing, boycotting and protesting. Eventually, some do come around to casting ballots during elections.
Published On: Sep 02,2015
A new generation of ‘inspired’ rather than empowered females lead protests that show school authorities how they want to be taught and treated.
Published On: Jul 23,2015
A well-established publishing ecosystem made up of authors, publishers, booksellers and libraries has been grappling with how to stay in balance amid the growing popularity of e-books. Where libraries are concerned, publishers hold all the cards.