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Carla Lucchetta is a writer and editor at and occasional producer for The Agenda with Steve Paikin

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Published On: Dec 24,2018

From Tina Brown to Michael Palin here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.

Published On: Dec 05,2018

In her new book, I’m Afraid of Men, Shraya explores how boys learn to be boys — and hurt themselves and others in the process. She talks to about gender, transness, and creating change.

Published On: Aug 21,2018

For her role in the film ‘Indian Horse,’ Edna Manitowabi drew from her own experiences of residential school.

Published On: Aug 16,2018

Author and columnist Elizabeth Renzetti reflects on her new book and her three decades covering women’s issues.

Published On: Aug 15,2018

OPINION: Fewer women are having children, and more are now living alone — but we continue to treat the nuclear family as the norm. It’s time to change our cultural attitudes, writes Carla Lucchetta.


Published On: Aug 13,2018

With more than 60 new initiatives, the municipality is reinventing its streets and homes to make life easier for older Ontarians.

Published On: Jul 23,2018

York University professor Carlo Fanelli explains that while cities are expected to cover a wide range of services, they don’t get much help from other levels of government.

Published On: Jul 10,2018

Nam Kiwanuka, host of The Agenda in the Summer, talks to musician Miranda Mulholland about legislative change and diversifying to make ends meet.

Published On: Jan 04,2018

River Fujimoto talks about identity, difficult conversations, and the importance of community.

Published On: Dec 27,2017

Here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.

Published On: Nov 23,2017

We talk to Attiya Khan, co-director of A Better Man, about domestic abuse, the healing process, and the need for brave conversations.

Published On: Jul 19,2017

While interviewing teens for their book, 'Smart Girls,' Shauna Pomerantz and Rebecca Raby discovered some surprising attitudes towards sexism and feminism.

Published On: Dec 28,2016

From fiction and memoir to biography, history, and sociology, here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.

Published On: Nov 18,2016

Inmates’ relatives face emotional and financial hardships — and the Correctional Service of Canada isn’t doing enough to help them.

Published On: Sep 29,2016

A leading cancer researcher talks about the fear and anxiety that may be driving more women to choose invasive surgeries that don’t change their health outcomes.

Published On: Sep 23,2016

 A recent episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin featured a panel discussion on whether the halcyon days of multiculturalism are over. If not, Canada may provide a leading example of how to properly integrate newcomers.

Published On: Aug 11,2016

At a low point in his life, Craig Davidson took a job driving special needs children to school. He describes how profoundly it affected him in 'Precious Cargo: My Year Driving the Kids on School Bus 3077.'

Published On: Aug 05,2016

​After planning museums and arts institutions all over the world, Gail Lord explains in her new book, ‘Cities, Museums and Soft Power’ how increased access to culture can change cities and citizens for the better.