Carla Lucchetta


Carla Lucchetta is a writer and editor at and occasional producer for The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Carla Lucchetta's articles

Published On: Jul 11,2019
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein talks to The Agenda in the Summer about her identity as a queer Black woman, the importance of mentorship, and why advocacy is a vital component of her work.
Published On: Jul 05,2019
In "Brian Jungen: Friendship Centre," a new exhibition at the AGO, sports gear becomes the material for thought-provoking art.
Published On: Dec 24,2018
From Tina Brown to Michael Palin here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.
Published On: Dec 05,2018
In her new book, I’m Afraid of Men, Shraya explores how boys learn to be boys — and hurt themselves and others in the process. She talks to about gender, transness, and creating change.
Published On: Aug 21,2018
For her role in the film ‘Indian Horse,’ Edna Manitowabi drew from her own experiences of residential school.
Published On: Aug 16,2018
Author and columnist Elizabeth Renzetti reflects on her new book and her three decades covering women’s issues.
Published On: Aug 15,2018
OPINION: Fewer women are having children, and more are now living alone — but we continue to treat the nuclear family as the norm. It’s time to change our cultural attitudes, writes Carla Lucchetta.  
Published On: Aug 13,2018
With more than 60 new initiatives, the municipality is reinventing its streets and homes to make life easier for older Ontarians.
Published On: Jul 23,2018
York University professor Carlo Fanelli explains that while cities are expected to cover a wide range of services, they don’t get much help from other levels of government.
Published On: Jul 10,2018
Nam Kiwanuka, host of The Agenda in the Summer, talks to musician Miranda Mulholland about legislative change and diversifying to make ends meet.
Published On: Jan 04,2018
River Fujimoto talks about identity, difficult conversations, and the importance of community.
Published On: Dec 27,2017
Here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.
Published On: Nov 23,2017
We talk to Attiya Khan, co-director of A Better Man, about domestic abuse, the healing process, and the need for brave conversations.
Published On: Jul 19,2017
While interviewing teens for their book, 'Smart Girls,' Shauna Pomerantz and Rebecca Raby discovered some surprising attitudes towards sexism and feminism.
Published On: Dec 28,2016
From fiction and memoir to biography, history, and sociology, here are some highlights from the authors and books featured on the show this year.
Published On: Nov 18,2016
Inmates’ relatives face emotional and financial hardships — and the Correctional Service of Canada isn’t doing enough to help them.
Published On: Sep 29,2016
A leading cancer researcher talks about the fear and anxiety that may be driving more women to choose invasive surgeries that don’t change their health outcomes.
Published On: Sep 23,2016
 A recent episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin featured a panel discussion on whether the halcyon days of multiculturalism are over. If not, Canada may provide a leading example of how to properly integrate newcomers.