Ashley Okwuosa

Ashley Okwuosa is an assistant editor and’s diversity and inclusion reporter.

Ashley Okwuosa's articles

Published On: December 08, 2021
A DNA sweep may have helped the OPP catch a criminal — but did it violate innocent workers’ human rights?   
Published On: November 19, 2021
More and more workplaces are instituting training to boost diversity and inclusion. Some experts say that, while the goal is worthy, the approach fall short.
Published On: October 19, 2021
Through historical photos and contemporary art, ‘Fragments of Epic Memory’ reflects a community that’s long been underrepresented in galleries.
Published On: October 01, 2021
Professor Bonita Lawrence speaks with about Black Lives Matter, the erasure of Indigenous history, and the myth of Canadian multiculturalism.
Published On: September 20, 2021 speaks with Debbie Douglas of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants about racism in Canada — and why immigration should have been an election issue.
Published On: August 26, 2021
The housing crisis is top of mind for many Ontario voters. Experts say newcomers face an additional set of challenges that the next government will need to address.
Published On: August 09, 2021
Ontario recently deleted anti-racist language from its math curriculum. “In math, let’s stick with math,” said Premier Doug Ford — but experts say it’s not that simple.
Published On: July 13, 2021
In April 2020, the Ontario Correctional Institute saw what was then the most significant outbreak at any provincially run prison. What lessons were learned — and who was to blame?
Published On: May 12, 2021
Rouge National Urban Park has proposed changes to its sprawling green space. What happens when environmental and accessibility concerns clash?
Published On: March 04, 2021 speaks with the University Health Network’s director of geriatrics about the province’s approach to prioritization — and why it could put more older Ontarians at risk.
Published On: February 24, 2021
Ottawa has updated its policy for international graduates — but advocates say it hasn’t gone far enough to address longstanding issues and new pandemic realities.
Published On: February 01, 2021
Health workers of colour are on the front lines of the pandemic — and experts say they’re bearing a disproportionate share of its effects.
Published On: January 21, 2021
The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and local organizations are poised to apply for provincial funding. But the process is long and complicated — and there’s no guarantee of success.
Published On: December 17, 2020
Barry Wellman has been studying social networks since long before any of us ever heard the term. speaks with the sociologist about what's changed and stayed the same about how we connect now.
Published On: December 08, 2020
Although Nikitha Balasubramanya and her family are Hindu, they wanted to give their three-year-old the full Christmas experience this year. So they turned to social media for suggestions — and it delivered.
Published On: November 12, 2020
The impacts of the COVID-19 are not being felt equally — and women are facing unprecedented challenges. How much support will the government give them during and after the pandemic?
Published On: November 06, 2020
COVID-19 readiness plans. Quarantine. Delayed permits. International students who planned to attend college or university in this province are facing obstacles on their path back to the classroom.
Published On: October 20, 2020
Forty-foot towers. Hundred-foot trenches. In the Township of Douro-Dummer, residents consider large-scale options to deal with slow and unreliable internet.