Andray Domise


Andray Domise is a community activist, writer.

Andray Domise's articles

Published On: Sep 30,2016
In Canada’s largest and most diverse city, Andray Domise argues, it’s a disgrace that women candidates and candidates of colour face intolerance powerful enough to derail their campaigns.
Published On: Apr 22,2016
None of the public voices against anti-carding rules seem to understand that racism in a public institution is not the result of a police force staffed by racists. It is the result of a bureaucratic system that tolerates racism within its ranks.
Published On: Mar 23,2016
​Rob Ford’s cancer was a tragedy, but he was no crusader in the mayor’s office or the councillor’s seat, says former political rival Andray Domise. Members of Ford Nation often spoke in racist language, physically attacked protesters and even targeted a gay man for physical assault.
Published On: Mar 15,2016
Canada helping its neighbours flee a Trump presidency would mean handing passports to those who have the means to fight for their marginalized peers, but instead look out only for themselves, one writer argues.
Published On: Feb 22,2016
Justin Trudeau’s now-famous ‘Because it’s 2015’ cabinet diversity comment spoke volumes about where black Canadians stand in the country’s mainstream narrative.
Published On: Jan 20,2016
Speculation on whether Kevin O’Leary would bring American-style politics to Canada ignores the deep history it already has here, Andray Domise argues.
Published On: Oct 07,2015
Activist and political columnist Andray Domise writes about how the unprecedented organization and vocal reach of Black Lives Matter didn’t move Canada’s political class to engage with black communities; but uses them as a talking point.