Aaron Broverman


Aaron Broverman is a Toronto-based freelance journalist.

Aaron Broverman's articles

Published On: Sep 01,2016
New investments and legislation won’t affect the provincial waiting list for affordable housing for some time. Here’s what some cities are doing to alleviate the waitlist in the meantime.
Published On: Aug 03,2016
​The obstacles to employment faced by graduates with disabilities, such as inaccessible locations, aren’t always obvious. Aaron Broverman explains why the community faces widespread discrimination and receives lower than average wages.
Published On: May 03,2016
Metrolinx’s Presto card program will undergo significant adjustments to better accommodate people with disabilities in 2016 — but even with the planned changes, some still lose independence.
Published On: Feb 24,2016
Public transit accessibility requirements have prompted many cities to re-evaluate their paratransit services — and address longstanding service issues caused by their overcapacity.
Published On: Feb 11,2016
The prospect of driving in Ontario is daunting for a person with blindness or a mobility disability. Could the province’s acceptance of self-driven cars change that?
Published On: Nov 13,2015
Minimum wage in Ontario is currently the country’s second-highest at $11.25—but what does it actually cost to live in the province?  From housing to transportation, here’s what major expenses look like in seven Ontario cities.