What you need to know about Ontario's 2019 budget

The PC government unveils its first budget. We break down what's inside — and what it means for Ontario
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on April 10, 2019
Ontario Minister of Finance Vic Fedeli
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Three things you need to know about Ontario’s 2019 budget

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ANALYSIS: The Progressive Conservatives’ first budget is here. TVO.org lays out what Doug Ford’s government has in store for Ontarians on transportation, the deficit, and more. By John Michael McGrath

What made the 2019 budget speech unique was who got mentioned — and who didn’t

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli’s budget speech did something unprecedented. He deserves kudos for it, writes Steve Paikin.

Ontario Vice: Booze, cannabis, and gambling in the 2019 budget

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Legal tailgating. More gambling. Drinking in parks. TVO.org breaks down what the Tories’ first budget has to say about vice. By Chantal Braganza

How the Tories’ new budget will affect parents and their kids


One of the marquee items in the 2019 budget is a child-care tax credit. TVO.org explains how it works — and what else parents should know. By Chantal Braganza

What the 2019 provincial budget means for northern Ontario

Vic Fedeli​​​​​​​

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli says the north can make “an even greater contribution” to the province’s success. TVO.org explains what northern Ontarians should know about his first budget. By H.G. Watson

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