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Ontario’s COVID-19 tests cross the border
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Oct 07, 2020



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COVID-19 tests being sent to the U.S.

CTV News reports that the province is sending some COVID-19 tests to a firm in New Jersey for assessment due to a lack of internal capacity. “Testing is a key pillar in Ontario’s fight against COVID-19. As Ontarians expect, all options are on the table to quickly identify cases and contain the spread,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health said.

Premier Doug Ford said Ontario’s new appointment-only testing system will help clear the testing backlog. However, reporters have noted that there are still long lines at many testing centres and that booking a test can be challenging.

Toronto neighbourhoods show “very, very high” positivity rates

Documents obtained by the Toronto Star show that some parts of the city have coronavirus test-positivity rates in excess of 10 per cent. High test positivity rates can indicate surging transmission levels. “Anything over 3 per cent is pretty high,” said infectious-disease expert Andrew Morris. “When you get over 8, 9, or 10 per cent, it’s very, very high.”

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Provincial ombudsman blasts “glacial” pace of police reform

Ontario ombudsman Paul Dubé says the province has not acted on recommendations he made in 2016 that would change the way police train for the use of force. He told the Toronto Star that there is still too much emphasis on weapons use as opposed to de-escalation — and that the public is losing faith in the police as a result. “If you fail to respond to calls for reforms that are evolutionary,” he said, “you eventually get demands for changes that are revolutionary.”

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The Agenda: What to do about China

How can Canada navigate its difficult relationship with China? The Agenda welcomes Roland Paris, professor of international affairs at the University of Ottawa; Cherie Wong, executive director of Alliance Canada Hong Kong; Ann Fitz-Gerald, director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs; and David Mulroney, distinguished fellow at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy and Canada’s former ambassador to China, to discuss.

Striking Balance: Tsa Tue Biosphere Reserve

The Sahtu Dene of Great Bear Lake create North America’s largest biosphere reserve to combat years of damage thanks to uranium mining.

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My new COVID-19 resolution: I can’t hide out at home anymore

Steve Paikin writes that the pandemic will be with us for a while, so he’s decided to start doing some of the things he used to do — as safely as possible. “This past week,” he writes, “I did two things I haven’t done in more than six months: I went to the movies, and I played hockey.”

Families of kids with disabilities worried they’ll lose a year of learning

In-person school can be risky — if it’s even an option full-time. But virtual studies often aren’t accessible. Reporter Meagan Gillmore speaks to Ontario families struggling to make sure their kids will get an education during COVID-19.

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Word Bomb: Latinx

Pippa and Karina explore the many modern ways to self-identify as Latin-American. They welcome a Chicanx psycholinguist and a Venezuelanx performer to discuss the term Latinx, the divisive debates that surround it, and the far-reaching colonial history of language.

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