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A ‘gut-wrenching’ report on long-term care
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on May 27, 2020
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Military reports ‘horrific’ conditions in long-term care

A Canadian Forces report says military personnel witnessed bug infestations, rotting food, residents “crying for help,” and more while assisting in five Ontario long-term-care facilities. Premier Doug Ford called the report “gut-wrenching” and “horrific.” “Reading this report is the hardest thing I have done as premier,” Ford said yesterday while announcing an investigation into the homes. While he had initially decided against a public inquiry into Ontario’s long-term-care sector, Ford told reporters that everything is now “on the table.”

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NDP asks province to reveal COVID-19 ‘hot spots’

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath says the government should release data outlining the areas of the province hardest-hit by COVID-19. Ford referenced “hot spots” recently, saying at a press conference this week that “some areas are lighting up like a Christmas tree.” Horwath asked yesterday during question period, “Can the premier explain how families are supposed to know whether they’re actually in any of these hot spots if the government refuses to share that information?”

Auto workers now assembling face masks

The federal government has signed a contract with General Motors to manufacture 10 million face masks at its Oshawa plant. “As we speak, GM employees are already making these masks,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “And for the auto workers in Oshawa, this contract will support good, well-paying jobs in an industry that has faced tough times.” publishing regional updates

Every day, we will publish a collection of COVID-19 news items from across the province. Please visit for the latest. Here is Tuesday’s edition.

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The Agenda: Removing barriers to justice in Ontario

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing racial disparities within the criminal-justice system. The Agenda welcomes Annamaria Enenajor, a criminal-defence lawyer; Nan Yanful, a staff lawyer and legal-team lead with the Black Legal Action Centre; and Christa Big Canoe, the legal director of Aboriginal Legal Services.

The Arrest

This TVO Original documentary opens on the 2010 G20 protest in Toronto —site of largest mass arrest in Canadian history. From there, journalist and filmmaker Martin Himel explores what happens to Ontarians who have been wrongfully charged. The Arrest focuses on Toronto lawyer Davin Charney as he demands justice and compensation for his clients.

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#onpoli: Ontario’s long-term-care reckoning 

Premier Doug Ford described a Canadian Forces report on the state of five Ontario long-term-care homes as "heartbreaking" and "horrific." Today on the podcast, hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath discuss the future of the province’s long-term-care system. 

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What insurers do — and don’t — owe restaurants during COVID-19

Interruption insurance is supposed to be a safety net for restaurant owners, so why is it denied during a pandemic? Corey Mintz speaks with a restaurant owner, Hemant Bhagwani, who is taking his insurer to court. “In 22 years of business, I have not taken a single penny from the insurance companies,” Bhagwani says. “They keep increasing their premiums every year. So this is the time for them to support us a little bit. And they’re just washing their hands.”

Y-fi: How Sudbury’s YMCA is helping vulnerable people get online


After libraries and other service providers shut down, Sudbury’s homeless population lacked access to various crucial amenities — including the internet. So the YMCA stepped in. Northeastern Ontario journalist Nick Dunne writes: “While the public can still access library Wi-Fi in Sudbury by logging in from just outside the branches’ doors, service providers say that the YMCA offers the only indoor space in the city for internet browsing. And indoor space, with familiar staff and a security presence, can provide a safe zone for those in need.”

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7 p.m.— Impossible Engineering: Halley VI Research Stations

The award-winning Halley VI Research Centre, created for the 2013 British Antarctic Survey, is situated on a floating ice shelf 1,500 kilometres from the South Pole.

8 p.m. — The Agenda: Restaurants and COVID-19

Restaurants have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have had to close. The Agenda welcomes food writer Corey Mintz; chef, author, and food activist Joshna Maharaj; and Toronto restaurant owner John Sinopoli to discuss the state of the restaurant industry.

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