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Cabinet shuffles, an $11.4 billion unpaid tax bill, and moving Beyond Meat
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on June 21, 2019
The Canada Revenue Agency headquarters (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)



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Canadian companies fail to pay billions in taxes

The Canada Revenue Agency reports that, in 2014 alone, Canadian corporations failed to pay between $9.4 billion and $11.4 billion in taxes, meaning that up to 29 per cent of all corporate income tax due that year went unpaid. The analysis, similar to ones carried out in other countries, determined Canada’s “corporate tax gap” — the difference between taxes owed and collected. Audits have recovered $6.1 billion worth of unpaid bills, but Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux told the Toronto Star that collecting the money is a challenge: companies regularly appeal the CRA’s assessments, and that appeals process often takes years.

Federal Conservatives’ climate-change plan to promote ‘Canadian Clean Brand

Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will unveil his party’s climate-change strategy today, but the Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley has already reported on what he’s been told are some of the key details. A major part of the plan involves establishing the so-called Canadian Clean Brand: the idea is that Canada would be able to help reduce carbon-dioxide emissions in other countries by selling them energy-efficient Canadian products. “While our plan will detail ways to reduce emissions here at home, part of our plan will be to take the fight around the world,” a Conservative source told Lilley.

Hamilton to crack down on stench from cannabis operations

A few weeks ago, residents of Gatineau, Quebec, complained about the smells emanating from nearby cannabis-growing operations. Now, Ontario residents are joining the chorus. In Hamilton, officials are writing a bylaw that will target particularly odorous facilities. Of particular concern is a local greenhouse at which several people with personal-use medical-marijuana licences have banded together to grow cannabis under one roof. Local councillor Brad Clark says there are as many as 22,000 plants growing there. Because Health Canada does not regulate personal-use licences the way it does industrial facilities, he adds, the city needs to step in to stop the smell from irritating local residents.

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Neverland ranch
File photo of Neverland (Mark J. Terrill/AP/CP)

Michael Jackson. Lorena Bobbitt. If you lived through the ’90s, chances are you know these names and the shocking headlines they generated. But do you really know the stories behind the headlines? Join host Colin Ellis and producers Chantal Braganza and Matthew O’Mara as they discuss Leaving Neverland and Lorena, a pair of multi-part documentaries that revisit two of the biggest scandals of the decade.

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Why a cabinet shuffle won’t cure what ails the Tories

Doug Ford
File photo of Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, and Vic Fedeli. (Chris Young/CP)

Could a Tory cabinet shuffle help improve public opinion of the party’s recent cuts?’s John Michael McGrath doesn’t think so. “The notion that the PCs' problems are primarily due to communications is magical thinking,” he writes. “The party promised voters that it could balance the budget painlessly, even though it was also promising to throw away whole categories of revenue.” Those actions, he says, have consequences — ones that can’t be avoided just by changing the faces around the cabinet table.

What cocktail bars can do with all those used-up limes

Ever wonder what bars and restaurants do with all those limes after they’ve been squeezed for margaritas and mojitos? Often, not much — and such establishments can end up tossing up to two compost bins full of them a day. Corey Mintz explains how a new cocktail pop-up is teaching bartenders to cut down on food waste.

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The Agenda: The right way to build more homes

Just before the Ontario legislature broke for the summer, Doug Ford’s government passed the More Homes, More Choice Act, also known as Bill 108. Although it’s now law, it’s still the subject of much debate. Toronto city councillor Josh Matlow, Ontario Real Estate Association CEO Tim Hudak, former Toronto city planner Jennifer Keesmaat, and Ontario Home Builders’ Association CEO Joe Vaccaro join Steve Paikin to discuss the act’s sweeping changes to land-use planning across the province.

Arctic Secrets: Wild Seas

This series takes you to some of the most awe-inspiring regions in Canada’s North. This week’s episode highlights the animals hardy enough to thrive in the harsh wilderness of Ninginganiq, which is located near Baffin Island — and happens to be the largest National Wildlife Area in the country.

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8 p.m. — The Agenda: The rise of plant-based meat

This month, Tim Hortons will roll out a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich at its 4,000 locations across Canada, making it the latest fast-food chain to embrace the rise of plant-based meat alternatives. The Agenda discusses the rise of these protein-rich products, their environmental impact, and whether they’re any more nutritious than their meat-based counterparts.

9 p.m. — Grayson Perry: Who Are You?

What makes up a person’s identity? Award-winning artist Grayson Perry explores that question through his portraits of a diverse array of people. In this episode, Perry looks at the myriad ways people make, define, and redefine families. He meets the Jesus Army, a group united by faith; a white gay couple with a mixed-race son; and a couple living with Alzheimer’s disease.

From the archive

May 28, 2000 — A dialogue with Donald Sutherland

In this episode of Dialogue, Canadian actor Donald Sutherland talks to Richard Ouzounian about his early days on the stage and screen. Watch for a special cameo by Ruby, his trusty dog.

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