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More Brexit drama, a new home for nuclear waste, and explaining the theatre of question period
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on May 21, 2019
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Parliament and Queen’s Park are off this week

Canada’s Parliament and the Ontario legislature are on a one-week hiatus, but that doesn’t mean elected officials will be putting their feet up. A number of MPs and senators are scheduled to be in China for a meeting of the China-Canada Legislative Association. That’s sure to be at least a bit awkward, given recent friction between the two countries.

Good news, Britain: more Brexit drama!

British voters go to the polls Thursday to select their representatives for the European Parliament. This vote was never supposed to happen — the U.K. was originally scheduled to leave the European Union in March, but British lawmakers keep failing to agree on an exit strategy. Polls show no party with a shot at winning a majority of Britain’s EU seats.

The fight over tipping in Ontario

In case you missed it, one of the most popular articles on our website last week was a look at an ongoing labour dispute at the Rainforest Café in Niagara Falls that highlights a growing concern among hospitality workers across the county: employer control over their tips.

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Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal

The Queen’s only sibling, her younger sister, became known for her unconventional life, her many romantic affairs, and a scandalous divorce. This documentary depicts Princess Margaret’s life as she stepped out of the shadow of the monarchy and rebelliously chose her own path.

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Why Bruce County could become home to all of Canada’s nuclear waste

interior of a nuclear plant
John Michael McGrath

Created by the federal government in 2002, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization has started reaching out to landowners in Bruce County with hopes to pick a site for spent nuclear waste by 2023.’s John Michael McGrath investigates why the process takes as long as it does, why it’s needed, and the plans to expropriate the land — some of which belongs to First Nations.

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#onpoli podcast: The theatre of question period, explained

The heckling. The grandstanding. You might think that question period at Queen’s Park is just a place for politicians with bad manners to mouth off. But #onpoli podcast co-host John Michael McGrath goes beyond the insults and shouting matches to explain how the daily proceedings work, why the parties employ specific tactics, and what role this legislative tradition plays in provincial democracy.

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8 p.m. — The Agenda: No second chances for women in politics

Former first ministers Kathleen Wynne and Alison Redford, along with Kate Graham, a former Ontario Liberal candidate, talk to Steve Paikin about the role women play in government and why it’s so difficult for them to ascend to power and stay there.

9 p.m. — White Right: Meeting the Enemy

Filmmaker Deeyah Khan goes to the front lines of the race wars in America. In this Emmy award-winning documentary, she interviews fascists, white supremacists, and proponents of alt-right ideologies. From Jeff Schoep, leader of the largest U.S. neo-Nazi organization, to Breitbart darling Richard Spencer, Khan tries to look past the hateful rhetoric to see if a human connection is possible.

From the archive

April 20, 1990 – Taking care of tomorrow, today


With cities across Canada declaring climate emergencies, this episode of The Science Café is a reminder of how long environmental scientists have been sounding the alarm on the health of our planet. Attendees of an "Environmental Conference" at the Ontario Science Centre almost 30 years ago comment on the need for personal, governmental, and industrial change. “We need to mobilize all sectors of society at this time. From the arts and media, from the scientific and technical, from the non-governmental community, from the industrial sector, it's a total mobilization,” says Noel Brown of the United Nations Environmental Program. “It's a new challenge to us. But I am encouraged that we may be approaching a consensual moment on this Earth, where suddenly the world appears to be saying the same thing.”

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