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Coming to a receipt near you: the COVID-19 surcharge
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jul 21, 2020
The province announced it will let more regions enter Stage 3 of Ontario’s reopening plan on Friday — leaving only Toronto, Peel, and Windsor-Essex behind. (Colin Perkel/CP)



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More of the province entering Stage 3

The province announced it will let more regions enter Stage 3 of Ontario’s reopening plan on Friday — leaving only Toronto, Peel, and Windsor-Essex behind. Those three regions will remain in Stage 2 at least until July 31. “While we want as many people back to work and taking home a paycheque again as possible, it's important for everyone ― no matter what stage your community is in ― to remain on guard and keep following the public health advice,” Premier Doug Ford said in a statement.

Contact-tracing app coming soon

Ontarians may be able to download a new COVID-19 contact-tracing app as early as Friday, Premier Ford said. Officials originally said the app, called COVID Alert, would be available July 2. Designed with help from technology companies Blackberry and Shopify, COVID Alert uses Bluetooth technology to notify users if they have come into contact with someone who recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

Cricket-processing plant planned for London

Aspire Food Group announced it will build what it says is the world’s largest food-grade cricket-processing plant in London, CTV News reports. The crickets will be used to feed growing global demand in alternative protein products for both humans and animals. The company plans to start construction in August and hopes to complete the facility by the end of 2021.

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Nicholas and Alexandra: The Letters

The final episode in the series examines how the decisions of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, Tsarina Alexandra, led to widespread public anger, the economic collapse of the Russian empire, and a revolution that would bring a brutal end to their reign.

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It’s time to close the Thunder Bay jail — for good

Stephanie Silverman, a researcher at the University of Toronto, argues that instead of pouring funding into a new prison complex, the government should invest in services and resources that prioritize true safety.

Coming to a receipt near you: the COVID-19 surcharge


Hit by shutdowns and extra costs, some businesses are adding a new charge. It’s legal — but are Ontarians prepared to reach deeper into their pockets? Journalist Denise Paglinawan examines pandemic pricing.

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8 p.m. — The Agenda in the Summer: Rediscovering Métis roots

Jesse Thistle joins host Nam Kiwanuka to discuss his experience with absent parents, homelessness, incarceration, and his ultimate reconnection to his Métis heritage. His book, From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way, debuted last year.

8:30 p.m. — Political Blind Date: Carbon Tax

Former Ontario Liberal MPP Arthur Potts and Alberta Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs debate Canada's plan for carbon pricing.

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