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Ford vows to fix long-term care
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on May 28, 2020
Premier Doug Ford unveiled new measures yesterday in response to the Canadian Forces report on the state of Ontario’s long-term-care sector. (CP)



Ford would testify to independent commission

Premier Doug Ford unveiled new measures yesterday in response to the Canadian Forces report on the state of Ontario’s long-term-care sector, including that the province has taken over the management of five additional facilities. He also announced that an independent commission looking into the sector would begin work in July and that he would testify if asked. “In the face of these accusations, in the face of these problems, we will use every tool at our disposal,” he told reporters.

Despite calls from the opposition to do so, Ford did not fire Minister of Long-Term Care Merrilee Fullerton. "I count my blessings I have Dr. Fullerton as a minister," he said.

COVID-19 tests up, new cases down

According to Wednesday’s government report, the province ran 15,113 tests on Tuesday. The number of new cases reported yesterday fell to 292, making it the second consecutive day that the tally was below 300.

Conflict at Queen’s Park

large group of Progressive Conservative MPPs, all wearing masks, showed up to the legislature yesterday, which the opposition NDP said broke an all-party agreement on social distancing. The government said it had been forced to call in MPPs because the NDP wouldn’t grant unanimous consent to a motion allowing members to vote from the galleries.

Still, the legislature did manage to determine its summer schedule: MPPs will convene next Tuesday and Wednesday and then on twelve additional days between June 16 and July 22. publishing regional updates

Every day, we will publish a collection of COVID-19 news items from across the province. Please visit for the latest. Here is Wednesday’s edition.

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Can small businesses survive COVID-19?

The Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program is meant to reduce the financial burden on small businesses — but many business owners say it isn’t enough. The Agenda welcomes Michael Smith, co-founder of Save Small Business, to discuss.  

Superfoods: Cherries, Spinach, Chocolate

Host and journalist Kate Quilton visits the New York Predators football team to learn about the muscle-healing properties of cherries. Then, she investigates whether dark chocolate is beneficial for the heart and whether spinach really makes you stronger.

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#onpoli: Fixing long-term care in Ontario 

A day after a report revealed horrifying conditions in five Ontario long-term-care homes, the province announced that it will move up an independent review of the sector. Hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath discuss the details.

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Long-term care is a disaster that Ontario can’t hide from anymore columnist John Michael McGrath writes that anyone at Queen’s Park who claims to have been surprised by Tuesday’s report on the state of Ontario’s long-term-care sector “is lying to you.” “The common thread for a generation or more has been a province that can’t make long-term care a consistent focus. The sector has been run on a shoestring budget and kept as much as possible outside the public service. When things go wrong, the response has been to obfuscate and to deny the problems while shielding the sector from extensive regulation or real transparency so that fewer problems come to light in the first place.”

Four ways you can keep Ontario wildlife safe this spring


Many Ontarians are developing a greater appreciation for wildlife during COVID-19. Brock University’s Kendra Coulter and Western University’s John Drew provide tips on how to keep animals safe and thriving. “If we take the time to notice how hard our animal neighbours are working, we gain a deeper appreciation for their families, cultures, and lives,” they write. “We can empathize with their struggles to survive and navigate daily life. We can marvel at their uniqueness and what we have in common. The more we know, the more we will care.”

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8 p.m. — The Agenda: Ontario’s long-term-care tragedy

A Canadian Forces report this week detailed a grim picture of Ontario’s long-term-care sector. The Agenda welcomes Donna Duncan, CEO of the Ontario Long Term Care Association; Sharleen Stewart, president of SEIU Healthcare; and Laura Tamblyn Watts, CEO of CanAge, a national seniors’ advocacy organization.

10:30 p.m. — Grand Trunk: A City Built on Steam

Stratford once served as a railway hub for the Grand Trunk Railway, the precursor to the Canadian National Railway. This documentary celebrates Stratford's history as a vital railway town.

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