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Commercial evictions banned back to May 1
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jun 22, 2020
The provincial government has passed legislation to ban commercial evictions from May 1 until August 31. (



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Commercial evictions banned back to May 1

The provincial government has passed legislation to ban commercial evictions from May 1 until August 31. Premier Doug Ford said last week the measure would apply as of June 3, but the Liberals and Greens asked for an earlier start date. The NDP said it does not do enough to help commercial tenants struggling to pay rent because of COVID-19. “With this bill, Doug Ford is leaving the majority of small and medium-sized businesses vulnerable to eviction, through no fault of their own,” Catherine Fife, the party’s critic for economic growth and job creation, said in a statement.

Ottawa to deliver fiscal ‘snapshot’ July 8

Finance Minister Bill Morneau will present a slimmed-down fiscal update on July 8 in place of a formal budget. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the speech will be short on specifics: “I've consistently said an economic and fiscal update would be unrealistic right now because it automatically includes projections for a year, three years, five years ahead of time which, quite frankly, we couldn't make any responsible predictions about.”

SickKids report urges return to school in September

A report by Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children recommends that children return to school in the fall — as long as certain health measures are followed. “Not opening schools in September would continue to have a negative impact on the mental, behavioural, and developmental health of children,” said Ronald Cohn, one of the report's authors. Some experts were critical of the report. “Why does the document dismiss transmission in kids at a time when per-test positivity in those under 20 is now the highest in the province?” tweeted David Fisman, a professor of epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto. publishing regional updates

Every weekday, we will publish a collection of news items from across the province about the pandemic. Please visit for the latest. Here is Wednesday’s edition.

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The Agenda: Studying civilian deaths in police custody

The Agenda speaks with Rob Gillezeau, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Victoria, about his research into police data collection.

Impossible Railways: Crossing Chasms

Discover how railway engineers have conquered valleys, canyons, and waterways to build the world's most innovative rail bridges, from Scotland's Forth Bridge to a vertigo-inducing viaduct in rural New Zealand.

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Doug Ford is a radical (when it comes to building permits)

Premier Doug Ford wants to speed up Ontario’s building-permit process. Columnist John Michael McGrath says that’s more challenging than it might seem. “The hard fact is that building something in the province takes a lot of time because lots of different interests want it to take a lot of time,” he writes. “People in favour of careful scrutiny. NIMBYs. Cheapskates on municipal council who don’t want to spend the money to staff their planning department properly.”

Fear, neglect, and close quarters: Inside Ontario’s migrant-worker health crisis


Nearly 700 migrant farm workers in Ontario have tested positive for COVID-19. Two have died. Journalist Wendy Glauser examines what is being done about the outbreaks. “In Ontario, Norfolk County’s public-health department went the furthest, stipulating that bunkhouses have only three people,” she writes, “but a company successfully challenged the decree in court, on the basis that the number was arbitrary and that it was unfair that farmers elsewhere in Ontario could continue with existing dwellings.”

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8 p.m. — The Agenda: The golden age of cycling?

What effect will the pandemic have on Ontario’s cycling infrastructure? The Agenda welcomes Yvonne Bambrick, author of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide; Siva Vijenthira, a project manager at 8 80 Cities; and Beth Savan from the University of Toronto.

9 p.m. — Cholesterol: The Great Bluff

Researchers revisit conventional wisdom surrounding cholesterol — including its link to heart disease.  

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