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Can Canada mend its relationship with China?
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Dec 05, 2019
Ontario’s auditor general gives the Tories’ climate plan a failing grade (Nathan Denette/CP)



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Study predicts your grocery bill is about to go up

A joint report from the University of Guelph and Dalhousie University says that the average Canadian family’s grocery bill will increase by $480 in 2020, according to the Globe and Mail.  The paper cites trade issues, global demand for meat, and climate change’s effect on the food system as reasons for the expected jump in prices.

Expert on bullying says province’s new strategy falls short

A University of Ottawa researcher tells the CBC that the provincial government’s plan to tweak its official definition of bullying is misguided, as Ontario already has “the best definition in the world.” Tracy Vaillancourt, the school’s Canada Research Chair in children’s mental health, adds that the province’s recently announced anti-bullying strategy also fails to focus on targeted types of bullying, such as by race, sexual orientation, and disability. On a positive note, she welcomed the province’s stated intention to boost anti-bullying and de-escalation training among teachers.

How do Ontario and B.C. teachers’ demands stack up?

As tensions rise between Ontario and its teachers, a similar situation is playing out in British Columbia, the Toronto Star reports. But, while educators here are fighting cuts proposed by a Progressive Conservative government, West Coast teachers are trying to get their NDP government to more closely match Ontario’s funding levels. Ontario teachers, who make more on average than those in B.C., are looking for pay increases of around 2 per cent to keep up with inflation. In B.C., the teachers have already rejected an increase of more than 2 per cent, saying that they also want a guarantee of smaller class sizes and more staff for students with special needs.

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The Agenda: A fractured Canada-China relationship

In the year since Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was taken into Canadian custody, diplomatic relations between Canada and China have remained tense and marked by imprisonments, trade bans, and fiery rhetoric. The Agenda discusses how much progress has been made, if any, and considers paths toward a more amicable future.

River Silence

This TVO Original documentary follows four women adapting to life after the construction of the Belo Monte Dam. One of the biggest and most controversial infrastructure projects in the world, the Belo Monte has caused massive ecological and social devastation along Brazil’s Xingu River, a major tributary of the Amazon.

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Ontario’s auditor general gives the Tories’ climate plan a failing grade

Last year, the Progressive Conservative government abolished the environmental commissioner’s position and folded that office into the auditor general’s. But, John Michael McGrath writes, if the Tories thought that move would defang some of their critics, this year’s annual report from Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk has proved them wrong. In this analysis, he reviews the ins and outs of Lysyk’s annual report.

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8 p.m. — The Agenda: The Montreal massacre, 30 years later

The Agenda remembers the 14 women killed at Montreal’s École Polytechnique in 1989, examines the event’s tragic legacy, and discusses what progress has been made combatting violence against women in the three decades since. Guests include Nathalie Provost, who survived the attack.

10:30 p.m. — Beauty

Filmmaker Christina Willings explores the lives of five children experimenting with gender expression and identity — each of whom is trying to figure out what it really means to live authentically.

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April 2012 —The colonization of space

In 2004, NASA suggested that it hoped to one day colonize the moon and other planets. But have we thought about what this would mean for those of us who remained on Earth — and for those of us who started new lives amongst the stars? This episode of Think Again uses archival interviews with Carl Sagan, Buzz Aldrin, Roberta Bondar, and Chris Hadfield to search for answers.

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