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Masks and distancing sticking around
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Aug 06, 2020
Premier Doug Ford said that 10-person social circles will remain in Ontario until at least the new year. (



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COVID-19 protocols here to stay

Premier Doug Ford said that 10-person social circles will remain in Ontario until at least the new year. “This pandemic is not over,” Ford said. “It’s going to continue going, and, in my opinion — I could be wrong; I’m no medical professional — but, in my opinion, this is going until January, until we get a vaccine or hopefully sooner when we get a vaccine.”

Meanwhile Canada’s chief public-health officer, Theresa Tam, says physical distancing and mask-wearing could be around for multiple years — even with a vaccine. “We're going to have to manage this pandemic certainly over the next year, but certainly [we are] planning for the longer term of the next two to three years during which the vaccine may play a role but we don't know yet," she said.

Canada signs vaccine deal

Canada has reached agreements with pharmaceutical company Pfizer and biotech firm Moderna to secure millions of doses of their COVID-19 vaccine — assuming they are approved by Health Canada after trial phases are complete. According to the Globe and Mail, it’s unclear how much Canada is spending, or how many doses of either vaccine candidate it will get, because the government is negotiating with other firms to secure doses of experimental vaccines as well.

Ford follows up on school plan

After saying earlier this week that Ontario’s school-reopening strategy is “not our plan,” and was instead developed by medical experts, Premier Ford took ownership of the situation. “I’m responsible,” he said at a press conference, before calling it the best plan in the country. When asked why the government would not commit to smaller elementary-school class sizes, Ford said, “I think it's a good planWe could play armchair quarterback all day, everyone." He continued: “If it were up to us, we’d have five kids in the classroom.”

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The Agenda in the Summer: Endangered eels

A healthy eel population is usually indicative of a healthy ecosystem — and Ontario’s most common eel is now endangered. The Agenda welcomes Steven Cooke, professor and Canada Research Chair in the department of biology at Carleton University; and Patrik Svensson, author of The Book of Eels: Our Enduring Fascination With the Most Mysterious Creature in the Natural World to discuss.

The Water Brothers: No Woman, No Water

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide lack access to clean water, and billions live without a toilet. The brothers travel to the most water-scarce regions of Tanzania and Kenya to see how small projects can have huge impact — and to meet the women who initiate them.  

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Yes, Premier Ford, it’s your school-reopening plan

Doug Ford says the choice not to shrink class sizes isn’t his plan — he’s just listening to the medical experts. Columnist John Michael McGrath explains why he’s wrong. “We can both acknowledge that the government had hard choices to make and insist that the responsibility lies with the government that made those choices,” he writes, “rather than with the people who gave them advice — especially given the fact that the government was obviously selective about which advice it followed.

‘Dance music has always been political’: A new EP honours Black Lives Matter


This compilation aims to raise not only funds for the movement — but also awareness of house music’s Black origins. assistant editor Josh Sherman speaks to the artists involved.

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