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The short shelf-life of a supermarket poppy ban
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Nov 07, 2020
Public health officials say they are seeing a high increase of COVID-19 cases in Brampton. (City of Brampton)



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Peel Region one step away from lockdown

The province announced that Peel Region is being moved into the Control category of Ontario’s five-level COVID-19 classification system — one step away from Lockdown, but more open than the modified Stage 2 restrictions currently in place. Officials cite high case numbers, particularly in Brampton, for the move.

Two other coronavirus hotspots, Ottawa and York Region, are being moved into the Restrict category, while Toronto will remain in a modified Stage 2 until at least November 14.

Whole Foods poppy ban finds the legislature

Ontario politicians criticized U.S grocery chain Whole Foods, for its policy which prevented employees from wearing Remembrance Day poppies. Premier Doug Ford vowed to pass a new law that would prohibit this type of rule, while NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called the supermarket’s policy “shameful and wrong.” Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca said his party would support Ford’s proposed legislation. Whole Foods retracted the policy.

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Budget officer says Ottawa’s nearing spending limits

A report from parliamentary budget officer Yves Giroux says the federal government has more room to spend during the pandemic — but not much. Giroux calculates Ottawa could increase spending by another $19 billion and still see the country’s debt-to-GDP ratio reduce over time, so long as pandemic-related emergency programs wind down as scheduled. Only three provinces have finances Giroux considers sustainable: Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

COVID-19: The week in review (November 2-6) 

For the most important coronavirus news from across the province, check out's COVID-19 week in review.

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The Agenda: Life near the end

Dakshana Bascaramurty joins The Agenda to discuss her book, This is Not the End of Me: Lessons on Living from a Dying Man.

The Man Who Shot Tutankhamun

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What Ontario’s new budget means for seniors and long-term care

The 2020-21 budget includes a new program designed to help elderly Ontarians. Steve Paikin notes that we’ve been here before. What makes this program different?

The Tories have a new hydro subsidy in their budget — but households won’t see it

The Doug Ford government has found a way to lower hydro bills for businesses, and it’s surprisingly simple: subsidize them with tax dollars. Columnist John Michael McGrath explains.

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Saturday, 9 p.m. — Picture my Face: The Story of Teenage Head

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Sunday 7 p.m. — National Geographic: Jaguar vs. Croc

World-renowned wildlife photographer Steve Winter and cameraman Bertie Gregory capture the rarely seen, remarkable lives of jaguars in the Pantanal of Brazil. Follow a mother jaguar as she teaches her cub survival tricks, while a determined male jaguar dives headfirst into a river to tackle the deadliest of opponents — a 1.8-metre caiman.

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