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From family bubbles to social circles
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jun 13, 2020
The province says Ontarians can expand their social circle to a total of 10 people. (



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From family bubbles to social circles

The province says Ontarians can expand their social circle to a total of 10 people, so long as everyone involved commits to proper distancing measures outside the circle. “Think of your social circle as the people you can touch, hug and have close contact with as we continue the fight against COVID-19," Health Minister Christine Elliott said. Get the details here.

Province reports fewer than 200 new COVID-19 cases

Ontario reported 182 new COVID-19 cases Friday — the fifth consecutive day of fewer than 300 new confirmed cases. It’s the lowest single-day total since March 28. The province also set a record for completed COVID-19 tests: 28,335 in a day.

Military to stay in long-term-care homes

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces will remain in long-term-care facilities struggling to contain COVID-19 outbreaks until at least June 26. “Our women and men in uniform are doing a remarkable job,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Their help is still needed. So we’re making sure that our elders continue to have this vital support.”

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The Agenda: Tough economic times ahead?

Canada’s unemployment rate is in the double digits, but there are signs of hope. The Agenda welcomes Avery Shenfeld, chief economist at CIBC Capital Markets, to discuss what comes next for the Canadian economy.

Food Unwrapped

Jimmy Doherty investigates the benefits of omega-3 supplements; Kate Quilton travels to the Spanish countryside to learn about Iberico ham; and Matt Tebbutt learns how white chocolate is made.

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#onpoli: From family bubbles to social circles

So-called family bubbles are giving way to “social circles” of up to 10 people, provided they stick to the rules. Podcast hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath dig into the details about how members of Ontario households will now be allowed to come into close contact with designated others — without physical distancing.

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When will people be back in the saddle at therapeutic riding centres?

Children and adults living with disabilities are missing their visits to the Sari Therapeutic Riding Centre, near Arva, for recreation, physical therapy, and rehabilitation through horseback riding. It’s closed due to COVID-19. Southwestern Ontario reporter Mary Baxter speaks with clients who can’t access the horses they rely on.

Are Ontario’s hospitals ready for a second wave?


Anthony Dale, the head of the Ontario Hospital Association, is warning the government that the province’s hospitals are filling up again — and that they might not be prepared if COVID-19 returns in the fall. He tells columnist John Michael McGrath: “The reality is we’re going to need to have, at the ready, alternative facilities like field hospitals, using large spaces like hockey arenas, and decommissioned hotels are all going to have to be under serious consideration as part of the contingency plan.”

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Saturday, 10 p.m. — Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

As the Earth responds more rapidly to human activity, a group of scientists has proposed that we’ve entered a new epoch: the age of the Anthropocene. Directed by Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal, and Nicholas de Pencier, this documentary is a cinematic meditation on humanity's massive re-engineering of the planet.

Sunday, 9 p.m. — Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies

Larry Weinstein traces the art of persuasion from ancient cave drawings to the present age of social media. Contemporary artists, including Kent Monkman, Shepard Fairey, and Ai Weiwei, are featured in this TVO Original documentary.

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