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How an underused housing model could help create affordable homes
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jan 25, 2020
(Photo courtesy of the Opportunity Villages Community Land Trust)



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Peel police highlight domestic violence’s role in record homicides

While a growing number of guns on the streets contributed to a record 31 homicides in Peel Region last year, domestic violence was also a major factor, deputy police chief Marc Andrews tells the Toronto Star. “(Domestic incidents) don’t traditionally get the same sort of attention in the media that the more dynamic gun or gang-related homicides do,” Andrews says. “That is a real concern for us. Domestic violence is not acceptable, and it’s something that as a society, we need to address and eliminate.” He says 13 Peel homicides in 2019 were the result of domestic violence, with victims ranging in age from nine to 88.

Premier meets with ex-Tory leader Brown

As mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown hadn’t met with Ontario Premier Doug Ford — until yesterday morning. The meeting came two years to the day after Brown was ousted as Progressive Conservative leader, and while the two politicians have had a very chilly relationship for some time, they were all smiles in this photo that Brown posted to Twitter. In his tweet, Brown says he and Ford discussed multiple issues, including health care and gang-related crime. He also says he appreciated the “cooperative tone.”

Ottawa winter weather has LRT contractor seeking help

It appears the company responsible for maintaining Ottawa’s new light-rail line underestimated just how brutal winters in the Canadian capital can be, the Ottawa Citizen reports. Snow has been jamming track switches, meaning the heaters installed on the line are apparently not up to the job. While Rideau Transit Maintenance, the contractor responsible for keeping the LRT running, says it can handle the winter weather, it has hired an outside company to review the maintenance schedule and improve it.

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Should billionaires be taxed out of existence?

In case you missed it, Steve Paikin moderates a debate in front of a live audience at the University of Toronto’s Victoria College. Two teams argue whether billionaires should be heavily taxed in an effort to alleviate poverty and reduce income inequality.

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How this underused housing model could help solve the affordability crisis

While cities across Ontario face housing crises, a grassroots land-trust initiative in Chatham-Kent is acquiring real estate to develop affordable homes. Southwestern Ontario Hubs reporter Mary Baxter explains how this approach, rarely seen in Canada, works.

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Saturday, 9 p.m. — Ballet Boys

Lukas, Syvert, and Torgeir love to dance, but do they have what it takes to be the best? This inspiring film introduces the three young Norwegians, all of whom are passionate about ballet. As they near the end of high school, they must decide whether they have the commitment and skill to make a career in dance. The boys' friendship will be challenged by the choices they make at this vital stage in their lives.

Sunday, 10 p.m. — Political Blind Date: City Finances

This week, TVO’s popular series Political Blind Date premiered its third season. In this episode, Gary Crawford and Shelley Carroll — Toronto’s current and former budget chiefs, respectively — faced off on how to find more revenue for cities dealing with shortfalls.

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July 16, 1999 — Dialogue: John MacLachlan Gray

Billy Bishop Goes to War is one of the most popular Canadian musicals ever written and performed. John MacLachlan Gray, who penned the two-man play that dramatizes the life of Canadian WWI fighter pilot Billy Bishop, joined Richard Ouzounian for a chat in this video from 1999. The two discussed how the project came about and why Canadians embraced it. “Well, frankly, I think because it went to New York City and it got good reviews —  that's what made it important,” said Gray. “The record of Canadian shows, they go to New York, they get panned, they die. And Billy Bishop didn't get panned.”

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