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Kawhi’s big decision, the G20 summit, and how to fall asleep
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on June 26, 2019
File photo of Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau. (Olivier Douliery/ABACAPRESS.COM/CP)



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G20 Summit gets underway Friday

Twenty of the world’s most powerful political leaders will gather in Osaka this weekend to discuss a host of issues, including the global economy, the environment, and gender equity. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will likely be looking to ease tensions between Canada and China. Last week, U.S. president Donald Trump promised that he would raise the issue of China’s imprisonment of Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor with Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Kawhi watch enters its final days

Basketball superstar Kawhi Leonard must decide soon whether he will re-sign with the Toronto Raptors or seek an offer from one of the many NBA teams eager to secure his considerable talents. Toronto is certainly keen to convince him to stay: real-estate agents have offered him free luxury condos; the city’s public-library system has promised to make him a personalized library card. The Toronto Star’s Bruce Arthur suggests that, instead, we give the phenom a different kind of gift: privacy.

Worried about climate change? Tell it to a judge

The CBC looks at how activists are increasingly turning to the courts to compel governments to get serious about climate-change policy and to force companies that have profited handsomely from fossil fuels to pay for some of the environmental damage they’ve caused. More than 1,000 climate-change-related lawsuits are now winding their way through courts around the world, according to data compiled by New York’s Columbia Law School. 

You’re invited to a special screening of Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies

Nearly every form of media — films, posters, newspapers, television, social media — has been used to shape world views and persuade populations. In Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies, a TVO Original documentary, you’ll learn about the history of public manipulation — from its origins in cave paintings to its starring role in wartime art.

The film will premiere Wednesday, June 26, at 6 p.m. at the Ted Rogers Hot Docs Cinema at 506 Bloor Street West, in Toronto, and we’d love to see you there. Stick around afterwards for an onstage conversation between filmmaker Larry Weinstein and Colin Ellis, host of TVO’s On Docs podcast.

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The Fruit Machine

For decades, the RCMP was empowered to carry out a secret campaign to identify, investigate, and fire every LGBTQ person employed in Canada’s public service. Sarah Fodey’s feature-length documentary, The Fruit Machine, investigates the lasting impact the policy has had on the lives and careers of the men and women it targeted. For more, listen to TVO’s On Docs podcast episode featuring filmmaker Sarah Fodey.

Political Blind Date: The Promise of Multiculturalism

Canada embraces multiculturalism as a key part of its identity. But does it live up to its reputation for inclusiveness? Vancouver NDP MP Jenny Kwan and Toronto Liberal MP Gary Anandasangaree examine whether opportunities are truly equal for everyone in Canada, no matter their origin.

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How zoning bylaws created a food desert in Guelph’s east end

In Guelph’s east end, most residents have to drive to get their groceries. That’s because only one property is zoned commercial in the area, and it lies vacant. Brianna Bell looks at how restrictive zoning bylaws have contributed to the problem and talks to experts about how to go about fixing a food desert.

Tonight on TVO

8 p.m. — The Agenda: Is Canada alone in the world?

Chrystia Freeland
File photo of Chrystia Freeland

Those responsible for developing Canada’s foreign policy have always had to balance the country’s own interests and those of its more powerful allies and competitors. Thanks to China’s global rise and the current political situation in the United States and the United Kingdom, the task has become only more complex. Tonight, The Agenda welcomes a panel of foreign-policy experts from the University of British Columbia, the Royal Military College of Canada, and the University of Waterloo to discuss the best role for Canada on the global stage.

9 p.m. — Putin: The New Tsar

How did a poor boy from St. Petersburg become one of the world’s most powerful leaders? This film explores Vladimir Putin’s days as lowly KGB colonel and his tenure as Boris Yeltsin’s right-hand man — and then successor — telling the story behind the Russian president’s extraordinary rise to power

From the archive

September 20, 1988 — How to fall asleep


“I’m supposed to sleep? Nobody told me that!” In this archival episode of Today’s Special, TVO’s beloved children’s serial about the after-hours goings-on at a Simpsons department store in Toronto, follow along as Jeff — a mannequin come to life — gets educated on the art of the snooze.

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