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Number of new COVID-19 cases continues to drop
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jun 15, 2020
The province reported 197 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 yesterday — fewer than 300 for the seventh consecutive day. (



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Number of new COVID-19 cases continues to drop

The province reported 197 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 yesterday — fewer than 300 for the seventh consecutive day. There have been 32,189 total cases of the virus, 84 per cent of which are considered resolved. There are 438 COVID-19 patients currently in hospital, with 103 in intensive care and 77 on ventilators.

Larger guest lists for weddings and funerals

The province says indoor venues for wedding and funeral ceremonies can now reach up to 30 per cent of capacity and up to 50 people can attend outdoor ceremonies as long as they practise physical distancing. However, the 10-person limit on wedding and funeral receptions remains.

Will Stage 1 regions reopen?

There may be an announcement today for areas still stuck in Stage 1 of the province’s reopening plan — including the GTA, Hamilton, and Windsor. At a Friday press conference, Premier Doug Ford said he would have an update Monday for those regions: “Please be patient and I know we’ll have some good news very shortly for you.”

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The Agenda: Fighting racism in the north

Northwestern Ontario journalist Charnel Anderson spoke to activists in Kenora who organized a demonstration against anti-Black racism. She shares their stories with The Agenda.

Royal Recipes: Coronation

Paul Ainsworth prepares a recipe that has remained hidden in the royal archive for a century and historian Polly Russell follows the recipes devised by Marguerite Patten for the day the Queen was crowned.

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For the last time: Systemic racism is a Canadian problem, too

Canadians must confront our racism problem, says Darren Thorne, a constitutional and human-rights lawyer who previously served as vice-chair of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. “We all love our nation. But we cannot use the flag as a blindfold to avoid recognizing hard truths,” he writes. “Grappling with such truths is not somehow unpatriotic. It is the sign of a mature society — one honest enough to recognize when it falls short of its values and that believes in those values enough to at least try to live up to them.”

Rallying against racism


In recent weeks, thousands have gathered and marched across Ontario to speak out against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism. spoke with people involved in the movement about what they're fighting for and where Ontario should go from here. Read more about Windsor.

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8 p.m. — The Agenda: Racism in Ontario schools

A new report has revealed that the Peel District School Board is not adequately addressing systemic racism. How can educators combat this persistent problem? The Agenda welcomes Carl James, the Jean Augustine chair in education, community, and diaspora at York University; Phiona Lloyd-Henry, an educator and parent; and Nerissa Hutchinson, a parent with a child in the Toronto District School Board system.

9 p.m. — The Dictator’s Playbook: Benito Mussolini

This documentary explores former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s mastery of propaganda. Il Duce delivered bombastic speeches in which he promised to return Italy to the grandeur of ancient Rome. Instead, he created a one-party dictatorship and kept power for two decades.

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