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Stage 3 reopening plans expected today
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jul 13, 2020
Premier Doug Ford will reveal details about Stage 3 of the province’s reopening plan at a press conference today. (



Good morning, Ontario.

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Stage 3 plans expected today

Premier Doug Ford will reveal details about Stage 3 of the province’s reopening plan at a press conference today, according to Global News. The announcement is expected to include guidelines governing the reopening of more businesses. It is not immediately clear if Ontario will enter Stage 3 all at once or on a regional basis.

COVID-19 cases continue to fall

Ontario reported 129 new COVID-19 cases yesterday and it’s been almost two weeks since the province reported more than 200. CTV News reports that nearly 90 per cent of yesterday’s confirmed cases were in people under the age of 60.

Oshawa hires private security to patrol downtown

The City of Oshawa is paying $100,000 to a private security firm to patrol its downtown in the wake of increased vandalism, drug use, and violence, the Toronto Star reports. City officials and business leaders say the move addresses residents’ safety concerns and helps people experiencing homelessness — but anti-poverty advocates say that doesn’t add up. “They don’t want [the homeless] on private property, and they don’t want them on public property,” says Christeen Thornton of the advocacy group DIRE. “So where are these people supposed to go?”

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The Agenda in the Summer: Thunder Bay food banks

In Thunder Bay, food banks are now centralized to one location — highlighting the region’s food-insecurity issues. Northwestern Ontario reporter Charnel Anderson joins The Agenda to discuss.

Bugs: Australia

Chef-researchers Ben Reade and Josh Evans from the Nordic Food Lab have one goal: making delicious food more accessible. In the first of eight episodes, they visit Australia to taste everything from delectable honey ants to beautiful bush coconuts — which contain hundreds of grubs.

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Ontario is reopening — but not for everyone

Patios are back. More stores and services are up and running. But for many people with disabilities, life is not getting any easier. Southwestern Ontario reporter Mary Baxter speaks with Ontarians who say everything from buses to hair salons are more inaccessible than ever.

Is Niagara Falls ours to discover — even during COVID-19?


With the border still closed and people sticking closer to home, one of the province’s major tourist hubs is looking to sell itself as an appealing domestic destination. Hamilton and Niagara reporter Justin Chandler examines Niagara Falls Tourism’s Safe to Play campaign.

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8 p.m. — The Agenda in the Summer: An investigation of schizophrenia

Investigative journalist Robert Kolker joins The Agenda to discuss his research into the Galvins — a family in which six of 12 children were diagnosed with schizophrenia. In part one, we learn about the family circumstances. Tomorrow night, Kolker explains how the story influenced the world of medicine.

8:30 p.m. — Political Blind Date: The promise of multiculturalism

Canada embraces multiculturalism as a key part of its identity. But does it live up to its reputation for inclusiveness? Vancouver NDP MP Jenny Kwan and Toronto Liberal MP Gary Anandasangaree examine whether opportunities are truly equal for everyone in Canada.

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