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How to avoid an election-night disaster
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Oct 16, 2020
Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board, speaks to media at Queen's Park in Toronto on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018. (CP/Christopher Katsarov)



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Ford says province won’t balance budget by 2023

The provincial government will no longer aim to have a balanced budget by 2023. "There will be a time to look at the books, but now is now that time," said treasury board president Peter Bethlenfalvy.

A new report by the province’s financial accountability office says the government may need to increase taxes to control its growing deficit. The report projects a budget shortfall of $37.2 billion this fiscal year, thanks in part to a drop in tax revenue as well as increased government spending brought on by the pandemic.

Province suspends seniority rule for teacher hiring

The province is temporarily revoking a rule that requires school boards to hire one of the five applicants with the most seniority as a long-term supply teacher. Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the rule is causing hiring delays as school boards adjust staffing during the pandemic. He also argued the rule “rewards seniority over one’s merit.” The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario tweeted that Lecce “is spinning myths about hiring to drive through a Conservative agenda.”

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Windsor auto-plant to add 2,000 jobs

Fiat-Chrysler is set to invest the “lion’s share” of $1.5 billion in spending for its Windsor plant, thanks to a tentative deal reached by the automaker and 9,000 of its workers. Unifor, which represents the workers, says the deal includes a new manufacturing platform at the facility that would add 2,000 new jobs. Union president Jerry Dias says the federal and provincial governments will be expected to help fund the expansion.

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The Agenda: How conflict shapes humanity

Historian Margaret MacMillan joins host Steve Paikin to discuss the evolution of war and how it has shaped institutions, values, and ideas. Her new book is War: How Conflict Shaped Us.  

The Minister: Episode 3

In the third episode of this new Icelandic political drama, Rikarður asks Benedikt to help with a dispute in his parish — but Benedikt's impulse is to separate church and state. As he is preoccupied with a pet project of saving a historical instrument, the newly elected president of the parliament halts his policy. 

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Steve Paikin and Polkaroo

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How to avert a U.S. election-night disaster 

As our neighbour to the south heads toward November 3, experts say we should keep in mind some lessons from 144 years ago. One expert tells Steve Paikin, “I’m hoping, please God, don’t let it be close.” 

How grassroots efforts are creating more diverse libraries 

Ontarians are working to highlight BIPOC voices in public libraries — and building their own. Reporter Elianna Lev examines initiatives from across the province.  

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OnDocs: How artificial intelligence is shaking up polling 

Colin Ellis speaks with Margin of Error director Peter Gombos and pollster Erin Kelly about the ethics of using artificial intelligence in public-opinion polling.   

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7 p.m. — Antiques Uncovered: Travel 

Historian Lucy Worsley explores the history of the vacation day; antiques expert Mark Hill learns about Wedgwood china and previews an auction of items from the Titanic. 

8 p.m. — The Agenda: Polling the American Election 

The Agenda welcomes Erin Kelly of Advanced Symbolics to discuss what its AI pollster, called Polly, is learning in the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election. 

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