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Care facilities prepare to welcome visitors again
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Jun 15, 2020
If you have a family member in long-term care, you’ll be able to visit them starting June 18. (



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Long-term-care visits to get cautious restart

If you have a family member in long-term care, you’ll be able to visit them starting June 18 — as long as you follow strict health protocols and the facility does not have a COVID-19 outbreak. The provincial order also applies to group homes and retirement homes. “I know this day we have all been desperately waiting for, but we can't take this progress for granted,” said Premier Doug Ford. “We can't forget that these settings are vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks so we must remain vigilant.”

Province urges transit riders to wear masks 

New guidance released by the province says you should wear a mask on public transit. Queen’s Park also recommends transit agencies should implement barriers between drivers and passengers; mark designated seats; and increase cleaning protocols.

Toronto joined Brampton, Mississauga, and Ottawa in announcing plans to make masks mandatory on transit, with exceptions for young children and people with prohibitive health issues. Mayor John Tory said the TTC would distribute one million masks to residents.

New patient ombudsman named

The provincial government named Cathy Fooks as the province’s new patient ombudsman. A former executive director of the Health Council of Canada, Fooks will begin her five-year term on July 13. The patient ombudsman investigates complaints about the health-care system, including long-term care. The post has been vacant since February 2018, when Christine Elliott resigned to re-enter politics. publishing regional updates

Every weekday, we will publish a collection of news items from across the province about the pandemic. Please visit for the latest. Here is Thursday’s edition.

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The Agenda: Championing trivial pursuits

Three former Jeopardy! champions discuss the origins of trivia, the art of writing questions, and what trivia competitions can teach us about learning and memory.

City Wildlife Rescue

The wildlife centre is given an eviction notice, and a turkey vulture with an unidentified injury needs to heal before winter hits.

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#onpoli: Care facilities prepare for visitors again

Long-term-care homes that are free of COVID-19 outbreaks will be allowed to reopen their doors to visitors later this month — but there are still plenty of restrictions for those facilities and other types of congregate care. Podcast hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath review the details, as well as the announcement that the TTC wants transit riders to wear a mask starting in July.

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Why is Doug Ford in such a hurry to open churches?

Writer and clergyman Michael Coren asks why the reopening of churches has become a priority for Premier Doug Ford. “Knowing a number of the churches and pastors involved, and of their conservatism, one has to question the reasons behind this jarringly sudden announcement from the government,” he writes. “Is this hurried and perhaps risky return the will and voice of the majority of Ontario’s people of faith — or a political gesture to friends and allies? People’s lives are at risk, and we have a right to know.”

Rallying against racism


In recent weeks, thousands have gathered and marched in such major centres as Ottawa and Toronto to speak out against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism. Events have also been held in Guelph, Thunder Bay, Niagara Falls — and the list goes on. This week, is speaking with people involved in the movement about what they're fighting for and where Ontario should go from here. Read more about Sudbury and Kenora.

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7 p.m. — Antiques Uncovered: Ceremony

Historian Lucy Worsley traces the history of the wedding dress while antiques expert Mark Hill discovers how to put the sparkle into a diamond. They also examine a 1948 Olympic medal and memorabilia from an event that Queen Victoria called the greatest day in Britain's history.

8 p.m. — The Agenda: Is the world’s COVID-19 response all wrong?

Should Canada reconsider its response to the pandemic? The Agenda welcomes Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s medical officer of health; and Richard Schabas, former Ontario medical officer of health.

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