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Did Toronto host a Saudi hit squad?
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Aug 07, 2020
Ontario reported 95 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday — the fourth consecutive day of fewer than 100. (



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COVID-19 caseload steady

Ontario reported 95 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday — the fourth consecutive day of fewer than 100. There were 159 new resolved cases.

At least 12 of the 24 cases reported in Chatham-Kent over the past two days are tied to a multi-family boating trip. “Chatham-Kent Public Health is isolating these cases and tracing their contacts, of which there is a large number,” the unit said in a statement Thursday.

Ontario police units come in for criticism

The OPP declined to pursue charges against anyone involved in the death of Soleiman Faqiri — a man who had schizophrenia and died three years ago in a correctional facility in Lindsay. His family says that a coroner’s report indicated he was found with dozens of injuries, including 50 bruises and blunt-force trauma. “Shock, disappointment, anger, devastation. We are just confused of how they came to this conclusion,” said his brother Yusuf.

Meanwhile Toronto’s interim police chief, James Ramer, apologized for the conduct of the police officers who did not contact the Special Investigations Unit after an off-duty cop assaulted Black teenager Dafonte Miller in 2016. “We made the wrong decision that night,” he said.

Saudi hit squad came to Toronto

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, sent a hit squad to Toronto to track down a former top intelligence official, a new lawsuit alleges. A 106-page unproven complaint filed in a U.S. court Thursday details the prince’s attempts to kill Saad Aljabri, a permanent resident of Canada. Bin Salman’s personal mercenaries allegedly arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport on tourist visas in October 2018 — less than two weeks after journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. Agents with the Canada Border Services Agency denied all but one of them entry.

Ford to protestors: ‘Enough is enough’

Premier Doug Ford said that those protesting a residential development in Caledonia were "bad apples" — one day after the OPP arrested nine of them for having disobeyed a court order. A group of demonstrators from Six Nations occupied the site for more than two weeks; they contend that the development infringes on Haudenosaunee territory.

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#onpoli: Are we ready for a new school year? 

Ontario is preparing to send kids back to school. Are we ready? Hosts John Michael McGrath and Steve Paikin examine the province’s school-reopening strategy.

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The Agenda in the Summer: Bugs

Murder hornets. Locust swarms. Gypsy moth caterpillars. Bugs have been making headlines all year — and for all the wrong reasons. Rosalind Murray, an entomologist and postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Toronto, joins host Nam Kiwanuka to discuss.

The Water Brothers: Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink

Canada is one of the most freshwater-rich countries on Earth, but approximately one in five First Nations communities lacks access to clean, safe, and sustainable drinking water.

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The fight to let nature reign on the Leslie Street Spit

The Leslie Street Spit is a slice of wilderness in Canada’s most populous city. Will it be able to withstand the forces of climate change and development? Reporter and photographer Sam Riches visits Toronto’s most defiant park. “It is tempting to describe it as a site that reveals what the natural world is capable of when humans get out of the way, but the truth is more complicated,” he writes. “Decades of human intervention allowed naturalization to occur at the Spit, and that work is ongoing.”

Toronto bands hit the road to help Ontarians in need


During COVID-19, local musicians are putting their vans to good use — and helping out clients of Breakaway Addiction Services. Reporter Luke Ottenhof speaks with members of the band July Talk, who are leading the CARE-A-Van project.

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