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Ontario to release ‘wake-up’ call on COVID-19
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on Apr 06, 2020



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Ontario to reveal COVID-19 projections today

You deserve to know what I know when you’re making decisions,” Premier Doug Ford said Thursday as he announced that the province’s official COVID-19 projections will be made public  on Friday. The numbers will include the worst-case scenario for Ontario’s death toll, Ford said, adding that many people will find the information “hard to hear” and it will be “a real wake-up call to folks.” 

In Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government will share more national data on the spread of COVID-19 “soon.” Canada now has more than 11,000 cases of COVID-19. According to the province’s most recent data, 2,793 of those are in Ontario, with 2,052 cases still under investigation. There are 53 confirmed deaths in the province.

Restaurant industry in free-fall

Industry lobby group Restaurants Canada estimates that 800,000 food-service jobs have already been lost across the country as a result of the pandemic, adding they “might not return if current conditions continue.” Economists who spoke to the Toronto Star said the economy is in dire shape at the moment, but that it could see a surprisingly fast, “v-shaped” rebound as early as the summer, depending on the progression of COVID-19.

Regulator trying to fast-track new respiratory therapists

The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario says it's fast-tracking certification for its students to get them into hospitals more quickly, CBC News reports. Respiratory therapists are responsible for intubating patients and making sure those on ventilators receive enough oxygen. "They've been training for three years to do this role,” says the college’s registrar and CEO, Kevin Taylor. The move would help add 117 respiratory therapists to the approximately 3,700 already practising in the province. publishing regional updates

Every day, we will publish a collection of news items from across the province about the pandemic. Please visit for the latest. Here is Thursday’s edition.

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The Agenda: Liberty vs. security in a pandemic

Canadians are learning to accept a rollback of civil liberties, such as peaceful assembly, during the COVID-19 pandemic. But how far is too far? The Agenda welcomes Dr. Michael Warner, head of the ICU at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital; Ryan Alford, an associate professor at the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law and the author of Permanent State of Emergency and the forthcoming Seven Absolute Rights; and Colleen Flood, university research chair and director of the University of Ottawa Centre for Health Law Policy and Ethics.

My Millennial Life

Millennials are often blamed for societal ills, from low voter turnout to the decline of casual dining. But they're also up against underemployment, an unaffordable housing market, and precarious work in the gig economy. This award-winning documentary showcases a few resourceful, charming, and talented millennials as they navigate obstacles and opportunities.

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#onpoli: Ep. 17 – A chance to turn a deadly tide 

Ontarians deserve to see what could be in store for them if the province can’t turn the tide against COVID-19, says Premier Doug Ford. Podcast hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath discuss the reasoning behind the decision to reveal projections of how many Ontarians could die in various scenarios. They also examine the details of mental-health funding promised by the province. 

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Battling addiction while the province battles COVID-19

Ontarians living with substance-use disorders are not only facing a break with routine, but a reduction in services such as in-person counselling. Reporter David Rockne Corrigan speaks with people in recovery and those working to keep at-risk communities safe. “Of course, it’s not only people living in shelters and on the streets impacted by addiction,” he writes.

Historical lessons for unprecedented times

three men wearing masks
(CP/National Archives of Canada)

Most of us don’t have experience with the kind of global emergency we’re experiencing. Dan Dunsky puts the current situation in context alongside events such as the world wars, the Depression, and the Spanish flu. “Canada’s federal and provincial governments have judged COVID-19 to be so significant, with consequences so severe, that a ‘whole of government approach’ has become necessary; all other considerations, including the dollar costs associated with this approach, are secondary,” he writes.


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8 p.m. — The Agenda: Artificial intelligence vs. COVID-19

How can health and government officials use artificial intelligence in the fight against COVID-19? The Agenda welcomes Garth Gibson, president and CEO of the Vector Institute, and Matissa Hollister, an assistant professor of organizational behaviour at McGill University.

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