TVO on the Road: How to tackle racism in Thunder Bay

By TVO News - Published on May 28, 2015
TVO on the Road: How to tackle racism in Thunder Bay.



At a TVO-hosted meetup on the state of Aboriginal relations in Thunder Bay in early March, much of the discussion focused on the racism afflicting the local population. The conversation touched on racial stereotypes of local Aboriginal people, the depth of the discrimination and even what it’s like to be white—but it also offered ideas for how to make the region a more equal, more inclusive place.

Among the solutions suggested: more education, more honesty, breaking through silence and facing systemic barriers. Michelle Derosier’s “Walk a Mile,” a film series commissioned by the city of Thunder Bay that explores the relationship between urban Aboriginal Canadians and the wider community, demonstrates the seriousness of the issue and the commitment of advocates willing to take up the cause.

With Canada’s Aboriginal population now the fastest-growing segment in the country, how will other communities respond?

Watch the video and join the discussion in the comments section.

Earlier this year, TVO on the Road travelled to Thunder Bay to discuss the state of race relations in northwestern Ontario’s most populous municipality. The Agenda with Steve Paikin returned to the issue this week with an in-depth look at the state of Aboriginal affairs in Canada. 

A man filming in The Agenda studio

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